48 Spine Chilling Linemen Photos During Work

A lineman is the person who is responsible to maintain, repair and install High power distribution and transmission lines. Lineman also built the system which provide electricity to the end user from it’s source. Linemen get trained through a proper apprenticeship program which needs 4 years to complete. A fully skilled lineman is called Journeyman ore journey worker.

Being a linemen is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Electric shocks and burns, working on heights are the main threats for a lineman. Injuries consists on bruises, cuts and scrapes. Falling from heights is another reason of fatalities. We have collected linemen photos during work so that you get to know how much risk linemen takes to provide us electric power.

Check out these blood-curdling linemen photos.

1-Storm will pass, Lineman will come

linemen photos

2-Lineman’s Bed

linemen photos

3-Hanging and Banging


4-Playing with “Hot Wires”


5-Only linemen can do this

linemen photos

6-This picture worth more than thousand words.


7-Lineman can do sit ups 300ft in the air. Do you?


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8-One need balls of Iron to do this kind of thing

linemen photos

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9-Next time you switch on your electric appliance, Thank a lineman.

linemen photos

10-This is how lineman take nap.

lineman photos

11-This is how your houses looks bright at night.


12-Only line worker can do that without his balls getting in the way.

lineworker photos

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