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    31 Most Funny Resignation Letters and Videos That Will Make You Quit Your Job like a Boss

    Did you ever see some of the most funny resignation letters and videos?

    Have you ever written a resignation letter? No? Let me tell you that there are few brave ones who quit their service like a Boss. Giving a resignation letter is an art of life.

    From desk jobs to most dangerous jobs, everyone needs a good job that has low stress and high salary. In search of better one people often quit their job and start a new one. Resignation letters are seems to be a serious thing. But some people do it in a unique and hilarious way. Let’s check out some of the most funny resignation letters and videos ever. These unusual and unconventional resignation letters will make quit your job like a boss. Can’t believe? See yourself!

    1-Funniest Resignation Letter Ever Written

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    When you have a very solid reason to quit your job. Indeed this is one of the funniest resignation letter ever written.

    2-Flushing You out of My Life

    Most Funny Resignation Letters and Videos

    3-These 4 “Magical Words” are enough to quit the job.

    Most Funny Resignation Letters and Videos

    4-When Boss think your are “Inconsistent”

    Most Funny Resignation Letters and Videos

    5-When you have too much ……. velocity

    Most Funny Resignation Letters and Videos

    6- Must be the last person who still played Farmville

    Most Funny Resignation Letters and Videos

    7- As long as you have another job ready, then it is all good.

    Most Funny Resignation Letters and Videos

    8-This guy did it an epic way

    Most Funny Resignation Letters and Videos

    9-Quitting in theater should be fun

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    10- This programmer who created his own version of Super Mario

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    11- This UBI Soft Programmer who created an animated film

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    12-He knows someone who had their head explode

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    13-These red words are SHOCKING

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    14-Quitting like a real “BOSS”

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    15-And then he took the ladder

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    16- Presenting the white iced resignation cake as normal resignation is too main stream.

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    17-This printer resigned today

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    18- When you hack your Boss computer

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    19-This one is a nice frame

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    20-This Receipt

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    21-A snowman you will not be. Not yeti.

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    22-I QUIT! But i still coming in the Christmas party.


    23- When your boss don’t come in time

    24-The most cool way to quit your Job

    most funny resignation letters and videos

    Check some of the most funny resignation videos.

    25- Do what you love

    26- The most epic way to quit your job.

    27- This is one of the most hilarious resignation video

    28-Quitting the Job while dancing and singing

    29- Okay. Quitting through lyrics

    30-The reaction at the Boss face says it all

    31-This 18-year-old’s resignation letter from the Mormon church

    Are you frustrated with your job but not able to quit it? Watch this video. It may give you some relief.;)

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    Top 10 Biggest Film Industries in The World – InfotainWorld

    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    Which are the biggest film industries in the world?

    Plan for watching a newly released film with your parents, spouse or friends, go to the cinema, sit on the wonderful seats and enjoy the movie. This is what every one of us usually does i.e. just plan, pay and enjoy. However, behind these few hours of enjoyment lies the relentless efforts of hundreds or even thousands of filmmakers and staff. They work relentlessly for years just for the sake of the glowing and glittering screens of cinemas for everyone to enjoy. Film-making is a lengthy, mentally and physically excruciating process which involves the simultaneous work of many different departments in synchronization to make what is called a “hit film”.

    The main departments include screenwriting, cinematography, actors, pre-production, post-production, distribution and much more! These main departments are all classified as part of a film industry. Just as in every workplace, there are some extraordinarily talented individuals, similarly amongst film industries, some top the lists with respect to the total annual amount made from films.

    Here is our list of top 10 film industries in the world 2017:

    11-Egyptian Media Production City

    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    EMPC (Egyptian Media Production City) established on an infrastructure consisting of 64 studios, it has the capability to shoot both indoors and outdoors. Though not at a very good position financially right now, however, due to its golden regime in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it was once considered as biggest film industry across the world. In early times, censorship was frequently imposed as to what is believed as an obstacle to freedom of expression, but recently this has reduced, but the industry has never been able to pick itself up again after 1990’s. Hence, it keeps relying on small art films that attract a sparse amount of international audience at present.

    10-Vast Frameworks

    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    Vast Frameworks (IFW) is a Singapore-based organization. 90 percent of the film industry is owned by Indonesian businesspersons and the motion picture maker, Mike Wiluan. In 2010-2011, this film industry saw itself in a bit trouble because of the significant increment in value added tax connected to foreign movies. Due to this, many top films from this industry, including some Oscar-winning movies saw darkness on the bright screens of cinema. This has brought about an enormous and outstretching influence on the nation’s economy. When legal copyrights of a film are made expensive by taxes, it leads to the expansion in the sale of unlicensed DVDs. However, even with this downfall, it continues to be one of the biggest film industry due to the huge sums it earned in its golden era and now strives to improve again.Among the ranking of film industries it is ranked at 9th position.

    9-Tamil Cinema or Kollywood

    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    Tamil Cinema refers to Indian motion pictures which produces the films in tamil language. It is based in the indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Cinema is the 2nd highest grossing cinema of the south indian film industry. It is also 3rd largest global box office gross after Bollywood.

    Started in 1918 Tamil industry is now flourished globally. Tamil industry has now global audience including countries like  Sri Lanka, North America, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, parts of Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

    8-Hong Kong Cinema

    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    Being a part of British rule till 1997, this film industry had the advantage of having a greater freedom than the mainland China. With the latest figures of 2014, this Cinema of Hong Kong made annually approx. $1.65 billion. Compared to American films, a very sleek amount is invested in the production of the films, however, there are exceptions like blockbuster movies from Jackie Chan or Stephen Chow, on which huge amounts are invested and as a result attract a large audience.

    7-Nigerian Cinema or Nollywood

    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    Nigeria is often not considered as a wealthy nation. However, when talking about Nollywood, if you are presuming it to be a poor film industry then you are totally wrong! Nigerian film is Africa’s biggest motion picture industry in wording esteem and the quantity of motion pictures delivered every year. Albeit Nigerian movies have been delivered subsequently to the 1960s. The ascent of moderate computerized shooting and altering innovations has fortified the nation’s film and video industry. Nigeria’s film industry is as of now positioned as 5th biggest film industry on the planet taking into account the quantity of movies discharged every year. The film business is worth over US$3.5 billion.

    6-Turkish Cinema (Yeşilçam)

    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    Regarding film generation, Turkey had the same destiny with a hefty portion of the national production not being able to gain glory until around the 1950s. Since 1995 the circumstance has changed and Turkish cinema started itself lifting. After the year 2000, yearly ticket deals rose to 20 million. Since 1995, the number of theaters has relentlessly expanded to roughly 500 across the nation. Right now, Turkish movies draw in gatherings of people of a large number of viewers and routinely make the blockbuster films, regularly surpassing huge sums in the film market.

    5-Cinema of Japan (Nihon eiga)

    biggest film industry

    Cinema of Japan is one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world. It has a history of more than 100 years. Since 1987,  movies have been produced in Japan. In 2016 Japan has generated 1.6 billion US dollar of revenue from Box office.


    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    India is the largest film market in the world with regard to the number of films produced. It laid roots around 103 years ago. In 2009 India delivered an aggregate of 2,961 movies incorporating around 1,288 featured films. It has the biggest number of admissions. The Indian film industry is a multi-lingual industry and the largest film industry in the world as far as tickets sold and viewers are concerned.

    3-Cinema of the United Kingdom

    2016 was a great yer for Uk’s film industry. Around $6.65 billion was generated as revenue from films making it the highest grossing film industry across Europe. Government also giving reliefs to movie makers in taxes so that the industry generates more revenue. More and more successful films are in producing and industry spend around $2.04 billions just to produce films.

    2-Cinema of China

    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    The Cinema of China picked up its prime era in the 1930’s in which the film industry earned huge sums. It went down due to Japanese invasion in 1937 which ruined the film industry. Picking up itself again in 1945, it was yet again met with an obstacle of communism, which forcefully tightened control over media and the film industry. This zigzag notion in the industry continued to post 1990’s. In the last decade, the Chinese film industry has picked itself up and produced many blockbuster films,  the latest one “The Mermaid” earned CN¥3 billion on box office! In 2016 China lead all other international box office markets, having earned USD 6.6 billion of revenue.


    Biggest Film Industries in The world

    Hollywood also called the cinema of United States, is the most established film industry on the planet. It started producing films over 121 years back. Hollywood is considered one of the richest film industry as far as income is concerned. Between 2009 and 2015, Hollywood showed great power amongst the film industries grossing around $10 billion annually. In 2016, Hollywood generates $11.6 billion making it the most profitable film industry in the world. All the big names like “Titanic”, “Gone with the wind”, “Star Wars” and much more are the milestones achieved by Hollywood. Hollywood generates more revenue per year than any other movie industry in the world. Due to highest number of screens and revenue generation, Hollywood is considered number 1 biggest movie industry across the world.

    These 10 film industries across the world combine generates approximately around $20 bn annual revenue. While the global box office revenue is around $38.3 billion in 2016. As per the progress of movie industry across the world it is estimated that it will reach around 50 billion US dollars by 2020.

    Few other biggest film industries are mentioned below:


    Basically, the name “Lollywood” originated from a nickname set by a Pakistani magazine writer. The name resembles the two major film industries, i.e. Bollywood and Hollywood. Originally Lahore was the base of Pakistan’s Lollywood but as the film business gained popularity, it moved its base in Karachi. By 2007 Karachi was made the permanent base for Pakistan’s film and showbiz industry. It casts films in Urdu, English and some films in regional languages too like Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, and Balochi. Pakistani film industry had a sudden breakdown in the 1980s and by the 2000s producing barely 2 films annually. Lollywood is in it’s revival and from 2013 to present, Lollywood has produced 23 movies competing Bollywood films in cinema.

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    Top 10 Deadliest Warriors Throughout History -InfotainWorld

    What is a warrior?

    Well, many of you may already know a depiction of what a warrior is: A brave person who fights for a nation or group.

    But what is deadliest warrior?

    A deadliest warrior is someone who will give up his life to train in the best possible way and become such a vigorous fighter that the name of his warrior group will be remembered for their bravery and strength. The list of such amazing and deadliest warriors in history has been prepared. Hope you enjoy it:


    Top 10 Deadliest Warriors Throughout History

    Starting in 1622, the French Musketeers was a large group of daring warriors for two purposes: firstly to protect the King of France and secondly to fight in battles for France. The Musketeers were amongst the most well-known and prestigious warrior force in ancient times.

    They were trained hard especially in the art of attacking at close ranges with spears. They continued to serve on the behalf of the King of France until 1776 when they were dissolved by the ruler due to financial issues. They were reformed during the French revolution but then dissolved permanently in 1816.


    Top 10 Deadliest Warriors Throughout History

    Commonly known as “The Fiercest Warriors in the Southwest”, the Apache was a collection of tribes that belonged to the South-West American region. They basically originated from western Canada but due to disputes with Athapascans, they left Canada and established themselves in South-western America.

    The name Apache is believed to be derived from the name given to them of “Apachu” by their enemy tribe “The Zuni”. This name meant “enemy”. A group of nomadic people, the Apache went as far as Mexico and were mainly involved in hunting and farming practices. The main reason for Apache tribe becoming one of the fiercest warriors was after New Mexico became a Spanish colony in 1598. The rivalry between Spaniards and Apache suddenly took a rise. They raided Spaniards successfully numerous times to have horses, cattle, arms and captives.

    A small tribe at first, Apache greatly increased their numbers by adding the captives to their army. After proving their ferocity, Apache didn’t surrender until 1886 when they were left with a mere 50 people in their army.


    The name of these warriors is derived from a sword’s name i.e. “Gladius” which was a renowned weapon in the Roman army. For a bloodthirsty Roman culture at that time, Gladiator warriors provided ultimate “entertainment”. Gladiator means swordsman in Latin and these group of ferocious warriors included captive slaves, soldiers, criminals who were brave and some people who voluntarily opted to fight.

    These warriors were famous to fight in bloodthirsty battles to fight against other gladiators or even animals. They used lethal and dangerous weapons. They were told not to give up ever and die without pleading anyone.

    It might amaze you:

    It is claimed that on average a gladiator survived no more than 10 fights. It is also believed that the average age at which a gladiator died was 30 years only.

    The gladiators who survived the fights were granted freedom and gifted heavily while the ones killed were brutally treated. Their blood was gathered and the upper class Romans are believed to drink it.

    These warriors became outlawed in 438 AD.


    Top 10 Deadliest Warriors Throughout History

    As a ferocious warriors group, the Aztec warriors belonged to Central Mexico. Due to these deadliest warriors, the Aztec Empire grew rapidly as they were a ruthless and ferocious group who fought for land and captives. They were so ferocious that even their own leader’s appointment was ensured by war. The present leader would be attacked with knives, axes, spears and all sort of sharp and dangerous weapons and if he survived the attack, he would be allowed to remain the leader of the war group.

    There were three ranks in Aztec warriors. First was the servant rank who just shifted and transferred supplies and arms. Second were the young recruits who were yet to make their first capture. Last but not the least were real Aztec Warriors who were given this status after having a first successful capture.

    Trained to fight hard, they marched up 32 kilometres a day to have inexplicable stamina. The approximate life expectancy amongst Aztec warriors was just 37. This proves that the Aztecs believed in a do or die warfare.


    Top 10 Deadliest Warriors Throughout History

    The Maori warriors, quoted as “Unforgiving slayers of the South Seas”, were actually Polynesian people originating from New Zealand. This warrior group started in 1280 AD. Their rise was subsequent to the rise of another warrior tribe in that region known as Tui Tonga. Ferocious wars between the tribes was common and these wars occurred on disputes over land and resources.

    It might be mind-boggling for you:

    These tribes believed in something known as “Mana” which was known as spiritual power. It was believed amongst them that by fighting and being brave and deadly warriors, they will gain their mana.

    It is even believed that Maori warriors would at times eat up their victims to gain mana. It is what is seen in warfare games as fictional power given many different names but Maori the greatest warrior groups in history followed this in real battles. A very amazing fact is that Maori warriors were not ever defeated in any battle. Their dynasty still exists in small number but now they are not ferocious warriors and are turning more towards norms of the world’s culture.


    The Spartan warriors were one of the deadliest and the most feared in Greek region.

    You will be astonished to know:

    They started training their children in warfare at an age as young as seven. Following the Peloponnesian War from 431 BC to 404 BC, the Spartans gained their might as one of the deadliest warriors of all times by defeating Athens. The males were trained under strict rules that ensured responsibility, education and endurance amongst all warriors. On the other hand, Spartan women were given education and kept away from warfare. They enjoyed a free status in Spartan community.

    After a long period of warrior might, they were finally defeated in 371 BC by the Thebes in the renowned Battle of Leuctra. This led to the downfall of this ferocious group of warriors who had a stronghold for many decades.


    Renowned for their inexplicable and ingenious war tactics, the Mongol warriors was a menacing group of warriors under the leadership of Genghis Khan. Blood, war and violence is what all of their young were brought up in and that is why they fought so courageously and ruthlessly.

    The Mongol warriors were specifically known for their pinpoint accuracy in using bow and arrow to target their opponents. They had their own workshops and supply of steel to cater for their arms and supplies. Their tactical skills were so ingeniously crafted that opponents with stronger armours and supplies got defeated. Division of army into groups each one of them having its own role made the Mongol warriors really feared amongst their opponents.

    Their variety of arrows and bows production each having its own purpose made them a really strong side. Moreover, their training allowed them to fight ferociously even without a bow and an arrow. They were so tough that they would go on for days in battles with no food or water and sacrifice themselves in war whenever needed. Indeed, one of the most resilient and deadliest group of warriors in the list of deadliest warriors legends.


    Of the Japanese origin, the Ninja warriors established their deadly might in the 15th century. In Japanese language, Ninja warriors are known as Shinobi warriors which means “to steal away”. In early times, Ninja warriors were actually a secluded group of soldiers and agents who turned into daring warriors. They were hired on purpose to carry out daring spy tasks, infiltrations, assassinations and deadliest warfare. Their role in the Battle of Okehazama in 1560 and in the Shimabara Rebellion is known for their deadliest tactics.

    The rise in their fame was during the Sengoku period. During this period, they became active in the province of Iga. Quoted as being more silent than a leaf of the wind, they were extremely agile. Wearing dark coloured, they blended themselves in the dark and attacked silently. They ingeniously used normal farmer equipment as deadly weapons by their techniques. Some weapons were named after the Ninjas such as the Ninja To, the Wakizashi and the Tanto.


    Wielding heavy armour suits, knights were appointed by the head of states or monarchs as a reward for their bravery in wars. In heavy suits in which many of us would find extremely hard to even move few steps, knights fought bravely under extreme conditions and hot environment.

    The knights were trained to use heavy weapons and their ability to attack with fast reflexes while mounted on a horse made them very deadly. Ranking 2nd among the list of ancient warriors in history, many knights were renowned especially during the Hundred Years of War between England and France. Knights like William Wallace who fought for their country’s independence are remembered as heroes who fought ruthlessly. Some knights are known to have killed hundreds of people by their swords.

    Similarly, Sir William Marshal was a famous knight famous for being loyal and brave. Among the weapons used by knights were axes, swords, maces, knives, daggers and crossbows.


    Known as the deadliest warriors of all times, Samurai was a warrior group in medieval and early years of Japan. The swordsmanship of Samurai fighters was widely known and accompanies with brave hearts and vigorous training, Samurai warriors made the opponents pay the price.

    As soon as a person wanted to become a Samurai warrior, he was told to live by the code of bushido i.e. way of the warrior. They were so sensitive about their courageousness that many Samurai fighters who fell of their horses or being close to being killed disembowelled themselves to retain their prestige and save the Samurai might. Samurai warriors served as the primary armed forces until 1873 when a modern army was ordered to be established by Emperor Meiji. There is no doubt that deadliest warriors are the Samurai warriors.

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    31 Proper Cable Management Photos That Will Make Telecom Guys Satisfied

    Being a Telecom technician is not that easy as it looks. Working with machines and on live equipment required extra care and skills.  A technician has to deal with a lot and lots of cables while installing and configuring equipment. These cables includes cat-5, OFC, AC/DC Power cables, IF cables, grounding cables and feeder cables. These cables mostly used in BTS, BSCs, MSCs and distribution boxes. So whatever installation you are doing, you have to deal with bundles of cables. If a tech is newbie he/she should create a lot of mess there. But there are few ones who made them perfect with experience. Here we have compiled some of the best cable management photos that will surely give you satisfaction and inner peace.

    1-The most beautiful and satisfying picture on earth!

    2-Some Technician has gone to a lot of effort to make these look good.

    3-Sleek,Neat and Flawless!

    4-Telecom Technician Goals!

    Proper Cable Management Photos

    5-The Job has nicely done.

    6-Well, That’s some skills.

    Proper Cable Management Photos

    7-This most satisfying cable management.

    Proper Cable Management Photos

    Proper Cable Management Photos

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    8-This is how Telecom Technicians decorate their cabinets.

    9-This distribution box is so satisfying!

    Proper Cable Management Photos

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    10-That looks lovely.

    11-All these cables, so neatly arranged.

    Proper Cable Management Photos

    12-All this order is just so useful.

    13-Purple is the next beautiful.

    14-Pleasing to the eyes.

    15-Hot dam!

    16-And whichever brave Technician took left one and came out the other side deserves a medal.

    17-And this Technician should too.

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    18-This before and after image of cable routing tells the story.

    19-“I don’t know why people let their rooms get like this. But I fixed it”


    20-Complex but Neatly done.

    21-Just Lovely!

    22-Flawless My Boy, Flawless!

    23-There is nothing better to look at!

    24-Deeply satisfying

    25-I mean, come on look at this.

    26-All cables should be look as good as this.

    27-Looks so good!

    28-A very Soothing look.

    29-Surely a piece of Art!

    Proper Cable Management Photos

    30-Amazing cable management

    31-Skills come with age.

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    Top 10 Most Famous Medieval Knights in History -InfotainWorld

    One of the most famous middle ages knights

    Knights are not common nowadays but in medieval times, brave men were knighted on account of their heroism to fight for the state. A knight is often symbolised as a soldier on a horse with heavy armour fighting for his or her state. There have been several hundred knights in history but some stand out as the top. These famous medieval knights have huge impact on their society and changed the world’s history with their heroic acts. Let’s see what their epic and brave achievements are:

    10-Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy

    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    Knighted at just an age of 13, he was greatly admired by King Edward III. He was a born fighter and warrior. Henry was part of the army to lead the expedition to Scotland where he achieved great might for his tactics and skills. He continued his successful career into France as well.

    Unfortunately, due to his family’s disputes with King Henry IV, he found himself in deep trouble. He fought against his own country but in 1403 he was defeated after a hard fought battle and killed by the English forces in the famous Battle of Shrewsbury.


    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    Succeeding his father Henry II in 1189, Richard who was also known as the Lionheart, was a famous knight from 1157-1199. As the name Lionheart suggests, Richard was a brave knight. He was a reputed military commander and this was proved by many of his greatest fights. He succeeded his father as King of England, however, initially he did not stay in England during his reign from 1189-1199.

    As judged by the fact:

    His daring nature led him to be out of England for the Third Crusade from 1189-1192. Following this, he returned to England but was captured on his way back by the Roman Emperor. After his release in exchange for a ransom amount, his courageous nature did not let him stay in England for too long. This is why he went to France to fight against Philip II. It was during one of the fights in France where he suffered an arrow wound while attacking the Chalus-Chabrol castle. He died of this deep wound in 1199.

    8-Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    Most commonly known as El Cid, he was born in 1043. A Spanish knight by nationality, El Cid is known to be a brave knight with vital role in gaining independence against Arab Moors.

    You might be amazed:

    El Cid was the name given to him by the Arab Moors which became his commonly known title. El Cid means the Lord. This name was given to him on account of his inexplicable bravery and great military might. His freedom fight against Arabs gave him particular fame to conquer the city of Valencia in 1094. He then became the ruler of this city.

    Since El Cid was childless and due to some other consequences including the throne being passed on to his brother, he lost his power and rank. He was ultimately sentenced to exile in 1081. In exile, he helped Muslims of Zaragoza to defend against Aragon and Barcelona. Over the years, his real mission was to conquer the city of Valencia to re-enter from where he had been exiled. Following the successful capture of Valencia, he ensured that Christians and Muslims both live in a friendly environment. He died in 1099.

    7-John Hawkwood

    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    John Hawkwood became a famous knight during the Hundred Years of War from the English side. He fought during the 14th century. John was a longbowman fighting under Edward III. He is known to have a major role in the famous Battle of Crecy and Battle of Poitiers. Following this battle, he joined the Great White Company which he led to cross into Italy. He became the captain of this company in 1363.

    After crossing into Italy, he worked and bravely fought for many armies like the Pope, Milan and Florence. He ended his knight career in Florence. He died in 1394.

    6-Bertrand du Guesclin

    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    Born in 1320, Bertrand is hailed as one of the most famous medieval knights in French history. He holds a special stature in the famous Hundred Years War against the English. His bravery led him to attain an important position in the French system i.e. constable of France in 1370.

    His great strategic planning ideas made him a hero in French history. He knew how to diplomatically avoid battles with the English when they had a weak force. As soon as they built a stronger hold, he fought with the English to ensure English defeat.

    His famous achievements include the successful defence of Rennes in 1364 and his victory at Cocherel in the same year. He died while on a campaign in Languedoc in 1380.

    5-Joan of Arc

    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    One of the few renowned female knights of all time, Joan of Arc also known as The Maid of Orleans, was born in 1412 in France. Though having a short period of war, she is believed to have a great impact on the defence of France against British invasion during the 100 years of war.

    It might astound you:

    At just an age of 18, she led the French army to defeat English at Orleans. She came out to be a French national heroine due to her courageousness. However, in 1430 when she was sent to confront the Burgundian upheaval, she was thrown off her horse and finally captured by Burgundians. She was then later sold to the British for 10,000 Francs.

    Due to lack of support from the ruler of France at that time, she found herself with no support at all. After several public and private trials, she was charged with heresy and was burnt to death in 1431. After her death, an investigation in 1456 declared Joan of Arc as a martyr and was proved innocent. In 1920, she was declared as a saint of France.

    4-Alexander Nevsky

    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    Alexander Nevsky is the most celebrated knight in Russian history. He was born in 1220. He became the Prince of Novgorod and Grand Prince of Vladimir. His military might and real strength established after successfully defeating the Swedes on the Neva River in 1240. Following this, two more events made his heroic image even stronger: first he successfully defended Russia from invasions from northern side. Secondly, he defeated Teutonic Knights in the Battle of the Ice in 1242 i.e. two years after defeating Swedes.

    Not only was he a great knight and a great military leader but was also a great political leader. This was proved by his successful negotiation with Mongols who invaded Russia from the east. He died in 1263 and has since then been hailed as one of the most famous medieval knights in history.

    3-William Wallace

    Greatest Freedom Fighters

    William Wallace has a great stature in the Scottish Independence Wars during the late 1200’s and early 1300’s. The start of his heroism for Scottish started when he killed an English sheriff of Lanark in 1297.

    His efforts for freedom had started from a very young age of 27 when he had witnessed his own country lose its freedom to England. He had a major role in leading the Scottish against Edward I of England and inflicted a major defeat for the English at the famous Stirling Bridge. For this reason he was named as the Protector of Scotland.

    However, shortly after this heroic win, he was himself defeated in Battle of Falkirk. This led him to take shelter at many places to escape the English but he was finally captured in 1305. He proved his courageousness and will power by not submitting to English rule even after being captured. This famous knight was eventually brutally executed by the English but his efforts paved way to eventual success. 23 years after his execution, Scotland achieved its freedom. This is why William Wallace is hailed as one of the most famous medieval knights in history.

    2-Edward of Woodstock

    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    Given the name of the “Black Prince” due to the famous black armour he wore during fights, Edward was born in 1330. Though he never became the king, his role as the Prince of Wales from 1330-1376 was of a famous and brave knight. One of the most famous middle ages knights, Edward had a major impact in the 100 years of war against France. One of the major victories he achieved was alongside his father King Edward III at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356.

    He frequently led other expeditions too against Spain. He led a remarkable victory against the French at the Battle of Crecy at a mere age of only 16. Edward died in 1376 due to which he couldn’t become the king as he died before his father but his heroism and valiant image is till this date very famous.

    1-Sir William Marshal

    Most Famous Medieval Knights

    One of the most famous knights of the round table, a brave and loyal knight William Marshal was born in 1146. His loyalty is renowned because he worked under five English kings. He was knighted in 1166 and following his heroics, he is regarded as the best knight ever by the people of that era and even now.

    He was trusted so much that the King Henry II appointed him as the protector of his eldest son. During the uprising of Henry’s sons, he remained loyal to the king and helped him retain his throne. Moreover, he used his loyalty to support his bravery by fighting against Richard the Lionheart’s Brother John in seizing the throne. However, after Richard’s death, he himself fought for John to ensure that he becomes the rightful king. He fought under him in the First Barons’ War and died in 1219 after a heroic and loyal career as a knight .

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    Top 10 Real Life Famous Pirates Throughout History

    You might wonder: what is being famous in piracy?

    Well, level of ruthlessness, cruelty and viciousness is what makes a pirate “famous”. In the listing below, most famous pirates throughout history have been described who were an epitome of ultimate cruelty:

    10-Edward England

    Famous Pirates

    An Irish national, Edward England was a famous pirate from 1717-1720. He became famous due to commanding of some famous ships. These include being the captain of the Royal James and the Fancy. He is also famous for having a distinctive flag that then became a commonly used pirate flag with a skull above two crossed bones on a black background.

    A noticeable sea war was against the Cadogan from Bristol which he won. He eventually died when his own crew left him and he was left begging for food.

    9-Edward Teach “Blackbeard”

    Famous Pirates

    Blackbeard was a given pirate’s name to Edward Teach. An English by nationality, his span was from 1680-1718. He was the commander of four ships and 300 men. He was renowned for his swiftness and ruthless killings of numerous by very fast reflexes. During the gold time of his piracy career, he is known to have conquered over 40 ships in the Caribbean.

    One of his most famous battle was the conquering of Scarborough in a fierce sea battle. His career ended in 1718 when he was captured by the Royal Navy and his head was cut off. His head was then mounted on a pole to make other pirates fear for their lives. This shows how famous Blackbeard was as a stature of cruelty.

    8-Henry Every

    Henry Every also known as Avery was an England born pirate. Born in 1653, he was one of those famous pirates who was renowned for not being captured or killed during their era. Henry wasn’t a pirate from the start. He was part of a serving fleet on several Royal Navy Ships. However, with time, by the early 1690’s he became part of slave trading on the West African coast. He used to keep the slaves captivated under harsh conditions on his own ship.

    It might amaze you:

    He was the pirate who carried out the single richest loot in history. He and his aliases made attacks on Fateh Muhammed and looted £50,000 worth of gold, jewels and treasure. His loot hunt didn’t stop here and he continued on to loot more than £600,000 and 500,000 solid gold and silver pieces. Following this biggest loot, he went missing and was never seen after the year 1696.

    7-Bartholomew Roberts

    Famous Pirates


    With the birth name of John Roberts, Bartholomew Roberts was born on the 17th of May, 1682. He was a Welsh pirate who was famous for being a cruel yet ingenious pirate. He made successful lootings on more than 400 ships during his era from 1719 and 1722.

    It might be of particular interest:

    He didn’t opt for being a pirate himself. It was the death of Howell Davie after which he was asked to become the leader of a pirate ship. He was famous for his ruthlessness, cold blooded nature and cruelty. The event of setting a ship on fire with slaves in its hold makes it clear how cruel and ruthless he was.

    He kept on making voyages, destroying ships, looting treasure which led him to capture many islands and coasts in the Caribbean and West Indies region. This cruelty was put to an end in 1722 when he was killed in an encounter. His daring and cruel career makes him to the list of most famous pirates in world history.

    6-Henry Morgan

    Born in 1635, Henry Morgan was a British pirate. He was renowned for his notorious and cruel nature. He ranks in the most notorious pirates in British history. A particular event that sets up his cunning image is the 1667’s attack on Portobelo in Panama City. It is believed that captured Jesuits were used as armours to take down the third strongest fortress in that era. He used almost 30 ships and more than 1200 men to carry out this well-crafted attack.

    Following his greatest achievement of conquering Panama City, he was captured and brought to England. However, such was his power that Charles II released him and made him the governor of Jamaica amidst the war that broke out between England and Spain. After this, he retired from his piracy career and lived a well-respected life as a planter. He died in 1688.

    5-Anne Bonny

    One of the few renowned female pirates of all time, Anne Bonny was an Irish pirate. She was of vicious nature from the point of her marriage. She married James Bonny who was a sailor too. However, James wasn’t the type of sailor she wanted him to be: ruthless and courageous. So this was the point where she joined a group of pirates from Nassau. She joined hands with some other female pirates too and along with men, fought battles and killed many. She started to drink and fight for fun.

    It might amaze you:

    Despite being a woman at heart, she injected more violence in her fellow pirates. However, soon she found herself captivated along with Rackham’s other men and women. She was sent to jail and then put on trial. The trial was carried out and all the captured pirates were sentenced to death. However, due to pregnancy while in captivation, her death sentence was pardoned. However, her whereabouts aren’t known after this point but many claim that she returned to her homeland to her father or husband.

    4-Francois l’Olonnais

    Famous Pirates

    One of the most famous French pirates, Francois wasn’t a born pirate. He started off as a cultivator before turning towards the viciousness of piracy. He was particularly known for his successful land attacks as a pirate. Examples of his most successful land attacks include conquering of Maracaibo and Venezuela where he looted heavily and made almost 200,000 Spanish dollars.

    A very interesting fact:

    Despite his shipwreck near Mexico when Spanish soldiers attacked his crew, he was able to save himself by camouflaging himself amongst the dead crew and by hiding under their blood. Following this humiliation, he made a successful escape to Tortuga Island where he ransomed some town residents. The Spanish ruler sent an army to free the captives but only found themselves killed and only one exempted to take the message of defeat and cruelty back to the ruler.

    3-Francis Drake

    A renowned English pirate who was the first ever Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. His image as a pirate was mixed. British nationals saw him as a hero whereas for the Spanish, he was a pirate. He was secretly ordered by Queen Elizabeth I to attack Spanish colonies and make huge loots. He fought with determination as a pirate and won many sea battles on the way to conquer a new land for Queen Elizabeth on the Pacific Coast.

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    This led Queen Elizabeth to formally award him knighthood in 1581. He was the first to induce the trend of piracy in the western coast of Americas which were until then free of piracy. Such was his might that King Philip II offered almost £4 million for his head.

    Last but not the least, he ensured safe passage for many captured Englishmen on Roanoke Island which makes him 3rd most famous pirates throughout history. He eventually died with the disease of dysentery in 1596 which followed the unsuccessful campaign in San Juan.

    2-Cheung Po Tsai

    Cheung Po Tsai was a Chinese pirate who was born to a poor fisherman. In a raid by pirates on his town, he was captured by a pirate and his wife who adopted him and this led him to become a successful pirate himself. The qualities that he consisted were sustainable management and ultimate ruthlessness. He commanded an army of more than 50,000 men and hundreds of ships.

    It might be amazing:

    He had a personal cave dug out for himself to hide his looted treasure. The cave still is in China named after him. The famous coastline consisting of Shenzhen in Guangdong province was frequently attacked and looted by Cheung.

    After several attempts, the Chinese government was finally successful in catching him. However, they soon realized that such a massive manpower can’t be defeated without extensive bloodshed. This is why there was a mutual deal between Cheung and the government. Keeping in view his inexplicable talent of warfare, he was appointed as captain in Qing Imperial Navy. He then worked for Chinese government in helping to make attacks to catch other vicious pirates to maintain law and order.

    1-Ching Shih

    Famous Pirates

    It might be very mind boggling for many that the 1st on the list of most famous pirates throughout history is a Chinese female. Ching Shih also famous as madame cheng, after marrying, she worked alongside her husband as a daunting pirate. Following her husband’s death, she became a stature of piracy might in China. She used three main pirates as the commanders: Cheung Po Tsai, her adopted son Chang Pao and of course herself. With almost 1,800 ships and an army of 70,000 men, she used to carry out robbing activities on islands, towns and became a stature of fear in the South China Sea.

    She eventually accepted a contract of amnesty with the Chinese government in return for military jobs and good community status till her death as a casino and brother owner alongside her husband till her death in 1844. She is considered as one of the most famous female pirates throughout history.

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    27 Surprisingly Satisfying Welding Photos That Prove Welders Are Artists

    Welding two objects is an easy thing to do, most people can do it if they try. But it takes years of continuous practice to do it in a perfect way. A perfectly formed bead has no comparison and is so satisfying to watch.

    We usually considers welding just another normal profession but in real welders are artists. Their work should be functional first. As if the bond they forge get broke, it could cost lives. With the bar of that care comes pride and responsibility in craftsmanship. When any welder puts everything in his work, it becomes masterpiece.

    Welding is like sewing with fire. Welders are artists, one of the hardcore profession as they work with metal and fire. By mastering such forces and bend them into piece of art, it is obvious that everyone will appreciate their work. Let’s check out these amazingly satisfying welding photos.

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    1-Welders are flawless. Their work speaks that loudly.

    Welding Photos

    2-These three awesome welds on a section of pipe.

    Welding Photos

    3-This is better than P*RN.

    4-So simple, yet so pleasing.

    Welding Photos

    5-Who knew welders could create such colors?

    Welding Photos

    6-This is what we called Excellence, My friend!

    7-Near Rainbow coloring with the weld.

    8-That weld goes thoroughly up.

    9-Job weld done.

    Welding Photos

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    10-Seamless straight weld

    11-Okay…now you must say it is a ‘show off’.

    12-A masterpiece that can make you feeling dizzy.

    Welding Photos

    13-See the curves,  appreciate the weld.

    14-Simultaneous layers of beading.

    Welding Photos

    15-This bead is love!

    16-This wicked looking cobra.

    17-This is mind blowingly work weld done.

    18-Neat, Clean, Sleek, Tidy and spotless.

    19-Hotness overloaded!

    20-This is orgasmic, Heavy breathings!

    21-A welder Halloween decoration.

    22-Gas Tungsten Arc Welding This is the cleanest form of welding.

    23-Legit, Should be an album cover.

    Welding Photos

    24-This is so satisfying!

    25-Beautiful gold-colored weld.

    Welding Photos

    26-Apparently welders like stormtroopers.

    27-Layers upon layers, So sleek and beautiful weld.

    Welding Photos

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    Source: Reddit | Instagram | Imgur
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    21 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

    Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. They are loyal to humans. But sometimes they do stupid and hilarious things. Here in these pictures, these pups did it wrong. Well in this list these guys don’t seems to be human’s best friend instead they look like MUD’S best friend. From stinky sheepdogs to mud-coated pugs and dirt-coated corgis to grimy German Shepherds, These mucky mutts will surely bring smile on your face. Do you have any dog that loves rolling in the dirt? Share your pictures in comments.

    1-His face is like Uh, it’s not what you think

    2-I love you so “Mud”

    3-Who? Us?

    4-Who thought it was a sculpture for a split second?

    5-Which Dog Knows What The Word “Bath” Means?

    6-This is what you call a ‘mud bath’.

    7-There is a Little Speck On His Coat…Dog Play In The Mud

    8-The Aftereffects Of Wet Weather Meeting

    9-That Looks Like The Happiest Frenchie.

    10-Stick legsDog Play In The Mud

    11-Princess Mud Fluff

    12-Oh i know i did something naughty

    13-Little One Got Stuck In Trench, Big One Went In To Rescue Him. No Pup Left Behind

    Dog Play In The Mud

    14-instant regret

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    15-I’m still your cute lil buttetcup, right?

    Dog Play In The Mud

    16-I am Gonna Be in So Much Trouble…

    17-I am Having The Best Time of My Life.

    18-Didn’t eat dirt. Ate earth chocolate

    Dogs Play In The Mud

    19-Bring A Husky They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said

    Dog Play In The Mud

    20-Batman? Who?

    21-A Mud Bath Makes Your Hair Shinier.

    dirty Dogs Play In The Mud

    Well everyone loves these dirty dogs play in the mud. Do you have any picture of your dog? Share with us in comments and we will include in the article.

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    Top 10 Strongest Metals in The World -InfotainWorld

    Metals have always been and will always be of great importance for industrial and household uses.

    It might amaze you:

    Its importance can be judged by the fact that 84 elements in the periodic table are metals.

    Metals possess various distinctive properties and these properties can even be combined in a form of mixture to form further metals of vital use known as alloys.

    Out of these several properties, we are using the strength of metals to identify what is the strongest material on earth?

    Before reading the list below, it is very important to know what actually strength of a metal is. Making the term simpler and non-technical for our readers, it is basically the resistance of a metal to deformation and failure. It should not be confused with hardness of metal. Hardness is a different aspect which is basically the resistance to dents, scratches and other permanent damages under compressive forces.

    Interested in knowing what are the top 10 strongest metals around you? Have a look at our classification below:



    With an atomic number of 73, this metal was discovered in the year 1802. Tantalum melting point of this metal is as high as 3,020 degree Celsius. This is almost 15 times hotter than your pizza oven!

    This metal is of great vitality in the electronic industry. It is used in the manufacturing of capacitors and high power resistors. Tantalum electrolytic capacitors is a famous class of electronic component made by this strong metal. This metal has the ability to increase the capacitance within a small volume. This means that the use of this metal is widespread in micro-processing, mobile and tablet industries.

    A very noticeable use of this metal is in the dental and surgical industry. Due to its inertness to human body, surgical and dental instruments are made by this metal.


    Ever wondered what is the metal from which the beautiful fountain tips are made of?

    The metal is Osmium. It has an atomic number of 76 and melting point of 3,033 degree Celsius.

    Osmium was discovered in 1803 and since then is being used for multiple purposes. It has a vibrant bluish white appearance.

    One of its major use is in the formation of alloys that result in the manufacturing of strong needles and electrical contacts. Moreover, its alloys have a major use in the medical sector. Its use in the manufacturing of pacemakers and artificial heart valves gives Osmium a role in daily lives.


    This element takes its name from a Persian word “zargun” which means “gold-colored”. As its Persian name suggests, it is a greyish-gold metal with an atomic number 40. It is a highly corrosion resistive metal.

    Its use in the nuclear and aeronautical industry is of particular significance. Its compound ZrO2 is of specific significance for the use in space vehicles as it can withstand high temperatures and can adapt to various environments.

    Moreover, use of Zirconium alloys in nuclear reactor tubing and its use in making strong and tough materials like knives and scissors proves how much strong Zirconium metal is.

    Did you know?

    Zirconium has an important part in the medical industry in the diagnosis of kidney diseases and dialysis.


    Lutetium is one of the most expensive metals. It takes the 71th atomic number in the periodic table. This element is one of the rarest metals on Earth. It is found in very minute amounts in the Earth’s crust and it is extremely difficult to separate Lutetium from other metals.

    The use of Lutetium is not widespread. However, some of its major uses is as a catalyst in the petroleum industry. It is used in refineries for petroleum cracking. It helps make useful compounds by pacing up the process of cracking. Furthermore, it is used in the process of polymerization, alkylation and hydrogenation.


    This element is named after Vanadis who is supposed to be the Scandinavian goddess.

    Vanadium has a melting point of 1910 degree Celsius and a density of 6gcm-3. Its color is silver and this metal resists corrosion. It is naturally found in almost 65 forms which includes minerals like Vanadinite, Carnotite and Patronite.

    Most vanadium produced is used as an additive to steel because vanadium makes steel very tough. Vanadium enables steel to be used in the toughest parts in automobiles and mechanical industry. Parts like crankshafts, pistons, engine rings, wheel axles and much more are made from steel due to the strength provided by vanadium.

    Its compound Vanadium Oxide also plays a vital role in the ceramic and glass industry and is used as a catalyst in the production of Sulfuric acid by the Contact Process.


    strongest metals

    I bet everyone reading this article does know about iron. Iron is everywhere around us. Indeed everywhere: from your household utensils to the mighty skyscrapers. Iron has an atomic number of 26 and a melting point of 1538 degree Celsius.

    You might be amazed:

    Iron is one of the four components that make up 90% of Earth’s composition!

    Since Iron is so abundant and found so easily, its main use is in the formation of steel. This alloy is necessary because raw iron is very corrosive. Carbon is the additive used in iron to transform it to the much stronger form of iron i.e. steel. Steel is then the main component in construction. It is also used in the making of heavy machinery where strength and toughness is the main requirement.

    A vital use of iron is in the formation of ammonia through Haber-Process.


    Gadolinium takes its name after the famous Finnish chemist and mineralogist Johan Gadolin.

    With a tensile strength of 430 x 106 Pa, Gadolinium is a main component in the manufacture of magnetic devices. Such devices include magnetic storage media like hard disk, compact disks. It is naturally found in minerals like Monazite and Bastnaesite.

    According to sources, Gadolinium has been used as a component in older cathode ray television screens.

    Gadolinium plays an important role in saving lives by being a major component in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This is used particularly in diagnosis of cancerous tumors.

    Moreover, it has the ability to absorb neutrons easily so its use in nuclear reactors’ cores is common.


    strongest metals

    Titanium, with an atomic number of 22, is a very unique metal. It is unique because of its low density yet inexplicable strength. Titanium has a strength of 434 x 106 Pa. Low density combined with high strength means that its use in places where high strength is needed with low weight is widespread. Its use is common in manufacturing of some aircraft and rocket parts that need high strength with low weights to be able to lift off easily. When combined with aluminium and iron, titanium alloys are used even in missiles as it can withstand high temperatures and pressure that a missile goes through its projectile.

    A very helpful use of titanium is in the form of titanium oxide to make sun screens. Sun screens help save the skin from harmful UV rays.


    strongest metals

    Taking the 2nd position in strength of metals is chromium. It is naturally found as ore in form of chromite. It has a tensile strength of 689 x 106 Pa.

    The most widespread use of this silvery metal is in stainless steel formation. When combined with iron, this metal eradicates the issue of rusting of iron. It also turns steel into a shinier and more impressive appearance which is often seen on the railings of stairs in malls.

    Chromium’s use in expensive bathroom fittings and in the manufacture of car bumpers is also widespread. This metal gives a dashing look to cars by its shiny and attractive appearance.

    It might amaze you:

    Chrome is used for tanning purposes of leather and more than 90% of leather is currently tanned by chrome!


    One of strongest metal in the universe tungsten takes a firm position. With an extraordinary tensile strength of 1510 MegaPascals, Tungsten is by far the strongest naturally-occurring metal. It has the highest melting point amongst all naturally occurring metals.

    It might amaze you:

    Tungsten has the 2nd highest melting point amongst all of the elements in the periodic table i.e. metals and non-metals!

    If you are inquisitive about the metal that withstands high temperatures in electrical applications then Tungsten is your answer. Tungsten filament in light bulbs is a common example for this.

    When combined with steel and other metals, a small amount of Tungsten can significantly increase the strength of the alloy making its use in military applications viable!

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    Top 10 Largest Grasslands in The World

    largest grasslands in the world

    Before making the classification by area of the largest grasslands in the world, it is important to know what actually grasslands are. Grasslands are vast areas in which natural vegetation consists of lush-green grass running across several miles. Grasslands are characteristic of areas where there is a balance between the amount of rainfall: not too much as to support a forest and not so less to make the land barren. It is characteristic of semi-arid and semi-humid areas.

    They are normally found between forest and deserts and are plane stretches of land covered with grass.

    Savanna, steppe, prairie and pampas… you might have come across one or more of these terms but probably don’t know the literal meaning of these terms.

    It might amaze you:

    All of the mentioned terms are basically different names given to grasslands in various different areas around the globe. South Americans address grasslands by Pampas. In Midwestern United States, they are addressed as Prairies. On other hand, Central Eurasian grasslands are known as Steppes and Africans term grasslands as Savannas.

    You might be astounded by this fact:

    Grasslands cover about ¼ of our mother Earth’s area!

    Considering their importance, let us have a look on the top 10 largest grasslands in the world:

    10-Hulun Buir Grassland

    largest grasslands in the world

    Situated in the Mongolian region, this grassland stretches over a vast area of 93,000 sq. km. Its name is characteristic of the two lakes it is named after: Hulun Lake and Buir Lake. It is surrounded by almost 3000 rivers and 500 lakes. Hulun Buir is amongst the top 3 most beautiful grasslands in the world. It is known as “The Grass Kingdom” because of the vast variety of vegetation it possesses. Approximately 120 different kinds of pastures are found in this grassland.  A seemingly endless lush-green carpet with colourful wild flowers makes the view of this grassland spectacular.

    9-Great Hungarian Plain

    largest grasslands in the world

    Great Hungarian grassland stretches across South-eastern Hungary, Eastern Croatia, Northern Serbia and Western Romania. It covers more than 100,000 sq. km. About half of this area is in Hungary whereas the remaining part of this grassland is shared by Romania, Serbia and Croatia. The Hungarian prairies are widely utilized as cultivable land for crops, vegetables and fruits. There is a proper system of irrigation and flood-control that has made this utilization possible. The climate here is continental. The Romanian part of this grassland is one of the major grasslands in Europe considering the fact that there is a lack of grasslands in Europe. It consists of 28 different types of species of plants. This stretch of land is also used for small-scale farming.

    8-Manchurian Plain

    largest grasslands in the world

    Sitting at the heart of the central lowland in North-eastern China, the Manchurian Plain, also known as Sung Liao Plain spreads over an area of 350,000 sq. km. The sea level of this grassland is very low. No part of this grassland is above 1000 ft.

    It might be of particular interest:

    Most part of this grassland area is covered by black fertile soil which comes down from the surrounding ranges of Da Hinggan on the west, Xiao Hinggan on the north and Changbai on the East. Towards the south, the Gulf of Liaodong surrounds it. Some major rivers related to this grassland are Sungari River, the Nen River and the Liao River. Government of China has utilized this vast grassland in many positive ways. It plays a vital role in the soybean production of China. In addition to this, corn, rice, wheat and other important crops are also cultivated in this grassland.

    This grassland is so vast that three industrial cities are situated on this vast stretch of grassland: Harbin, Shenyang and Changchun.

    7-Llanos Grasslands

    largest grasslands in the world

    Llanos is basically the Spanish word for “plains”. The Llanos stretch of grasslands are located across northern South America. They also enter western part of Venezuela and some part of North eastern Colombia. The Llanos grasslands have made into the biggest grasslands due to their vast area of 570,000 sq. km. These grasslands are encompassed by the Andes Mountains, Guiana Highlands and the famous Amazon River.

    Llanos has two distinguishable areas of grasslands: areas that are considerably wet due to seasonal flooding and some relatively drier portions. The wet parts are populated by swampy grassy regions. On the other hand, long-stemmed grass covers most of the drier regions.

    6-Pampas of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil

    largest grasslands in the world

    The vastness of these grasslands can be judged by the fact that it touches almost three countries. Its area of 750,000 sq. km comprises of Argentine provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Cordoba. It also covers a large area of Uruguay and covers a vast Brazilian part i.e. Rio Grande do Sul.

    The warm temperate/climate, mild and even distribution of rain throughout the year makes this stretch of grassland very viable for agriculture. Pampa Grass is one of the most distinct type of grass found in these regions. The vegetation in Pampas, however, is often destroyed by wildfires. Susceptibility to flooding also hinders the utilization of this grassland region.

    Practically, grassland region towards south and west of Buenos Aires is used for cultivation. Growing vineyards plays an important aspect in this region’s cultivation.

    5-Kazakh Steppe

    largest grasslands in the world

    The Kazakh steppe, as its name suggests, is a large grassland region in Northern Kazakhstan. It also extends to some portions of Russia that are adjacent to Kazakhstan. The Kazakh steppe extends to a wide region having an area of 804,500 sq. km. This region lies south of the famous Ural Mountain Range. This range is famous because it acts as the natural dividing line between the two continents: Europe and Asia. This steppe slopes up moving towards the north. Amazingly, this steppe is surrounded by further steppes like Pontic Steppe and Emin Valley Steppe.

    This steppe region experiences extreme cold weather i.e. as low as 18 degree Celsius. On other hand, in months of June and July there is a moderate weather with temperatures ranging from 20 to 26 degree Celsius.

    4-Australian Savanna

    largest grasslands in the world

    The Australian Savanna, also known as Australian Tropical Savanna, is situated in Northern Australia. Its area stretches from Broome all the way to Townsville. Having an area of 1,769,160 sq. km, this savanna experiences extreme temperatures. Summer fires are common to Australian Savannas. Wildfires occur in the drier seasons i.e. May to October. This particularly becomes the reason of lack of dense forestation in this area.

    It might astound you:

    Temperatures in this savanna can reach as high as 50 degree Celsius! However, average temperature in warm seasons is around 30 degree Celsius.

    Along with shrubs and dense grass, saltwater crocodile is a distinguishable animal that resides in the lakes adjacent to this savanna. The saltwater crocodile is famous for its extended length i.e. even 7 to 8 meters long!

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    This savanna is unique in every aspect. Vegetation types, animals (some unique animals that can’t be found elsewhere reside in this savanna) and climate; every aspect is unique for this savanna compared to other savannas. This uniqueness is particularly due to the unique location of this savanna which unlike other savannas is not near the equator.

    3-Canadian Prairies

    Western Canada is home to the Canadian Prairies. This Prairie stretches from the north of Edmonton and covers 3 provinces towards the east of Manitoba-Minnesota border. The area of the Canadian Prairies is an amazing 1,780,650.6 sq. km. This extremely large area makes it the 3rd in the list of the largest grasslands in the world.

    This prairie has three types of soil regions:

    • Brown soil areas
    • Dark brown soil areas
    • Black soil areas

    In the brown soil regions, semi-arid climate prevails. In the dark brown and black soil regions, humid continental climate prevails. Prairie areas towards Manitoba are the coldest with the possibility of thunderstorms and tornadoes in spring and summer.

    The Canadian Prairies are unique in the elevation aspect relative to sea level. The elevation ranges from 0 feet to 12,293 feet.

    2-Great Plains of North America

    largest grasslands in the world

    The vastness of the Great Plains of North America is inexplicable! These grasslands almost occupy one-fourth of the area of United States. It stretches over almost ten US states including Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. This grassland’s area is mind-boggling: 2,900,000 sq. km! The Great Plains are surrounded by the mighty Rocky Mountains on the west, Mackenzie River in the North and Rio Grande towards the South. The eastern side is surrounded by the well-known Canadian Shield.

    Sudden changes in temperature with a continental climate is a major characteristic of the Great Plains. The sudden change in temperatures is due to a unique, warm and dry wind that blows. This wind can raise the temperatures up to 17 to 22 degree Celsius within few hours.

    1-Nagqu Grassland in Tibet

    largest grasslands in the world

    This expansive and seemingly boundless region of grassland stretches over an area of 40,000,000 sq. km… 40 million square kilometres! Rising as high as 4500 meters, this grassland is unique due to its high elevation. This grassland is not generally cultivable but a small part of its eastern site is cultivable. This grassland is located between Tangula Mountain Range and Nyaingentanglha Range.

    Since there is no industrial development in this grassland region, it is home to its own natural beauty. The Nagqu grassland is home to Tibetan antelopes, and some rare animals like yaks.

    The maximum temperature in summer season is 23 degree Celsius whereas the lowest temperature is about -2 degree Celsius.

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    Granny Puts Sign On Hospital Window That ‘Crushes’ Ironworker When He Reads It

    This is one particular story that just enables you to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you are having a bad day, search no further for cheering up. A couple of weeks before, the exchange between an 88-year-old hospital patient and an ironworker left strangers stunned.

    Gloria Porter of Connellsville, Pa, spent weekly at Excela Frick hospital. She was passing the time in her third-floor room by observing steel and ironworkers construct the new front side entry of the healthcare facility.

    On a frosty, snowy day, Gloria was somewhat worried about the safety of the ironworkers. Nonetheless it was ironworker Jeff Reick who was simply concerned for the woman he previously been watching.

    “This one guy looked over at us and waved, so we waved back,” Gloria said. “I looked down on the beam and he had written, ‘Get well.’”

    A granny's note becomes a stunning act of kindness.

    Gloria was stunned at the thoughtfulness of the humble message. She have been watching the workers, but little have she know that that they had been thinking about her, too.

    “I saw the lady at the window looking out. I thought it would be a kind gesture just to tell her to get well,” Jeff said. “I didn’t think much of it. I just tried to make someone feel a little better.”

    However, it was Gloria’s response that basically struck Jeff hard. As she consider this most dangerous job the note was simple, but it was as if she got chosen the right words. She scribbled on a bit of paper “Stay Safe.”

    “That sign kind of crushed me. I don’t know how she knew ‘Stay safe,’” Jeff said. “It’s kind of like ironworker lingo to stay safe. When I saw ‘Stay safe,’ in the window, I kind of snapped my head around and said to my coworkers, ‘Did you see that?’”

    It was exactly what the workers needed to hear on that dangerous day. Jeff shared the story on Facebook and it sparked even more kindness. That same Friday a total stranger showed up to the construction site with an envelope addressed to Jeff and his crew. Inside was lunch money, another kind gesture that came at the right time.

    It was just what the workers needed to hear on that dangerous day. Jeff shared the whole story on Facebook and it sparked even more kindness. That same Friday a complete stranger arrived to the construction site with an envelope tackled to Jeff and his staff. Inside was lunch money, another kind gesture that came up at the right time.

    “I just try to lead by example and be a good person. I just hope everybody would do things like that because the world is not a very nice place,” Jeff said.

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    Women Ironworkers Will Get Six Months Of Paid Maternity Leave

    The regular membership of the 130,000-strong Ironworkers union can be an overwhelmingly male community, but about 2,100 women members just won an advantage that might be valued by working women in the United States: Half a year of paid maternity leave.

    As being one of the most dangerous job being an Ironwoman is full of challenges. The leave, made to be taken prior to delivery, suits 6 to 8 weeks of post-delivery leave.

    “The challenges of physical work associated with the ironworking trade create unique health challenges that can jeopardize a pregnancy,” the union said in an announcement declaring the benefit, noting that paid maternity leave “is almost unusual in the building trades.”

    The statistics put maternity leave for iron-working women on par with commercial employees at technology companies like Etsy, Adobe, Spotify and Cisco. Netflix and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations are among the list of only companies offering staff more paid parental leave, according to data compiled by Care@Work, which focuses primarily on family benefits.

    Bill Brown, CEO of Ben Hur Construction Co., titled the benefit “an investment, because we want our well-trained ironworker women to come back to work.”


    Using back-of-the-envelope computations, Brown predicted that training a fresh ironworker costs $32,000 during the period of a four-year apprenticeship, during this time the workers are also paid regular incomes.

    “So when you add payroll to 32K a year, and you lose a woman worker, you’re out more than 32K,” he said. “Then you have to train another person to take their place, so it’s a 64K proposition if you lose one female apprentice.

    “To protect our investment, if we wanted women to stay in our industry, we had to do something.”

    Brown serves as co-chair of the iron Workers labor-management working group, which developed the program for half a year of paid leave along with iron Workers General Leader Eric Dean.

    Dean said he thinks the benefit is first of its kind in the building industry, but that he dreams it’ll be a model for others. The working group commenced discussing maternity benefits when looking at why such a higher range of women were leaving the labor force for other occupations.

    “We’ve always had women, but never had an abundance of women,” Dean said. “And many of them were leaving the industry after we spent an inordinate amount of time training them.”

    While attending a business conference centered on ladies in the occupation, Dean heard a female recount her decision to keep turning up to a job-site months into her being pregnant — — “because if you don’t stay at the job-site, you don’t get a check, and if you don’t get a check, you don’t get coverage,” she said.

    Despite keeping her health care coverage, the woman had miscarriage. “It was a heartfelt moment in the room,” Dean recalled. “Everyone’s stomach dropped, like someone had gut-punched you.”

    But the motivation for providing leave wasn’t only medical. Both public and private companies “are insisting that the workforce on the construction site replicate the workforce in the community,” Brown said. “And so we needed a more diverse workforce to satisfy new hiring requirements for minorities, women, and veterans.”


    Contractors who fail to hire a certain percentage of women could sometimes face financial penalties, adding further incentive to the union and contractors’ agreement.

    Contractors who neglect to work with a certain ratio of women could sometimes face financial fines, adding further motivation to the union and companies’ agreement.

    “It’s socially the right thing to do,” he said, “but it’s not a bad business proposition either.”

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