10 Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors Around the World

Ice cream has been one of the most renowned delicacies in human history. Starting its way from homemade ice cream, it eventually made its way into a world of new and interesting flavors with the evolution of modern machinery. It is made from several different ingredients including the dairy milk, sucrose syrup, cream and many more. However the interesting topic arises when throughout this evolution of ice creams, several bizarre ice cream flavors have find their way into the market.

It’s one of the unique elements of human nature that it wants change from the usual trends. If you go to an ice cream parlor, it’s for the sake of bringing a change from the ice cream that we make at home to try some new flavors. We all want change and that’s why we turn to some weirdest ice cream flavors to enjoy and satisfy our nature. However, sometimes humans go far beyond the level of “change” to a level of trying creepy flavors. In the following rundown, the top 10 most bizarre ice cream flavors have been picked that are surely going to fascinate the readers with some of the crazy ice cream flavors might as well be jaw-dropping for you.

10-Salad Ice Cream

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

A dressing of fresh onions, a covering of fresh tomatoes and a topping of the freshest lettuce on the top of an ice cream. Wait a minute; did I just say ice cream? Yes, indeed, salad ice cream continues to fascinate everyone. The strange description puts everyone into the confusion of whether it’s the description of an ice cream flavor or a package of salad for dinner. This ice cream is sold in many areas like Mexico, Italy, Germany and many other European countries.

9-Soy Sauce Ice Cream

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

Soy sauce is the undisputed specialty kind of Japan. However, its use in a frozen yogurt or ice cream is impossible to explain. This food dressing’s blend with ice cream just makes a total mismatch. It adds an awkwardly sour taste to ice cream and induces an awkward smell into ice cream which makes anyone think twice before trying this taste. Are you so fond of the flavor of soy sauce? Then ice cream wouldn’t probably be the right choice to enjoy its flavor!

8-Cheese Ice Cream

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors
10 Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

We all know cheese as far as its use in different dishes or as a breakfast meal is concerned but its use in an ice cream attracts the attention of any individual. Made with tart goat cheddar, salted cashews and stripes of natively constructed caramel, this kind of frozen yogurt tastes sort of like cheesecake. It also includes chunks of cheese dipped into the ice cream. Not very appealing to everyone! There are various different choices of cheese types for this ice cream for instance, cheddar, mozzarella, goat cheese and many more. This ice cream type is sold in many ways including a cheese-filled chicken coating on top of an ice cream.

7-Garlic Ice Cream

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors
Image Source: garlicster.blogspot.com

If you try this dessert then beware of people identifying the gross smell from your mouth of garlic! Garlic-enhanced Dracula Ice Cream is a late spring delight you can truly sink your teeth into. Garlic may well be a superb sauce for a combination of food preparation, but as a flavor of ice cream, it may truly be loathsome, this is wicked dreadful. It tops the list of most bizarre ice cream flavors due to its dreadful nature of flavor.

6-Charcoal Ice Cream

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is always thought as something cool and refreshing! However, charcoal ice cream is going to change this perspective from “cool” to “coaled”. This flavor with its dark black color mixes the flavor and taste of coal with something as sweet as an ice cream which truly astonishes anyone. Most people won’t try such an awkward and bizarre ice cream flavor.

5-Cold-Sweat Ice Cream

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors
Image Source: neatorama.com

Wondering that this ice cream flavor has some relation with sweat? Don’t worry that’s not the case but its ingredients are equally dreadful as you can possibly imagine! It features cream mixed with hot peppers, hot sauces and red chilies which are surely not only going to put your taste buds at test but your fingers as well (in case the ice cream gets in contact with your fingers!).

4-Crocodile Ice Cream

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

This one really sounds more abnormal than it really is. When you hear crocodile dessert, you may envision a repulsively gooey dessert however it means that for all the ingredients and cream, reptile-eggs were utilized rather than chicken-eggs. The development of this flavor is justified by the statement that crocodile eggs are less in cholesterol and more nutritious but the disgust of this flavor overcomes the nutritious feeling. This thought torments any ice cream lover and would probably bring an interesting thought into your mind of an ice cream when you notice a crocodile next time on the television!

3-Snake Ice Cream

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors
Image Source: cookingcrusade.com

Sold majorly in Japan, the name itself brings a strong sense of disgust and distaste in anyone’s mind for such a flavor to be chosen for ice cream. Venomous is the word that comes in our minds when describing snakes. However, snake skin or flesh being mixed with cream for a sweet ice cream is truly awful and mind-blowingly disgusting for an ice cream flavor.

2-Ox Tongue Ice cream

wierd Ice Cream Flavors
Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

A chunk of cow’s tongue mixed with sour milked ice cream is the appearance of this horrendous ice cream flavor. Initially made in Japan to appeal meat lovers, this ice cream is made of roasted tongue topped up with some special meat sauces on ice cream.

1-Horse Flesh Ice Cream

crazy Ice Cream Flavors
Image Source: www.everydaykiss.com

Solely sold in Japan, the smell of horse flesh and chunks of it in ice cream just forces anyone to say eww! The most hideous feature of this unusual ice cream flavor is the fact that raw horse flesh is also often used for blending with the cream. How would be your experience of raw chunks coming into mouth with sweet ice cream? Definitely, nauseous!  This flavor, due to its extreme disgust and dreadfulness comes at 2nd place in the 10 most bizarre ice cream flavors in the world.

10 Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors Around the World

  1. Horse flesh ice cream
  2. Ox Tongue Ice cream
  3. Snake Ice cream
  4. Crocodile ice cream
  5. Cold-Sweat Ice cream
  6. Garlic Ice cream
  7. Charcoal ice cream
  8. Cheese ice cream
  9. Soy Sauce ice cream
  10. Salad ice cream