5 Terrifying Realities of Power Linemen That Will Give You a Shock

Terrifying Realities of Power Linemen

Power linemen play an essential role in our lives. They are the ones responsible for keeping our homes, businesses, and communities powered up and running. But have you ever stopped to consider the risks and dangers that come with their job? Power linemen face some of the most dangerous working conditions in the world, and … Read more

31 Proper Cable Management Photos That Will Make Telecom Guys Satisfied

Being a Telecom technician is not that easy as it looks. Working with machines and on live equipment required extra care and skills.  A technician has to deal with a lot and lots of cables while installing and configuring equipment. These cables includes cat-5, OFC, AC/DC Power cables, IF cables, grounding cables and feeder cables. … Read more

Women Ironworkers Will Get Six Months Of Paid Maternity Leave

The regular membership of the 130,000-strong Ironworkers union can be an overwhelmingly male community, but about 2,100 women members just won an advantage that might be valued by working women in the United States: Half a year of paid maternity leave. As being one of the most dangerous job being an Ironwoman is full of … Read more

16 Most Insane Dubai Police Cars That Will Blow Your Mind (2021)

Dubai is place known for skyscrapers, fast cars and night life. Not only people love to drive luxury and supercars on specially built fast lanes but Dubai police is also known to have supercars fleet. People usually get attracted if a police department have some super cars in their convoy. Everyone love to see all … Read more

10 Best Innovative Products of 2016

Most Innovative Products of 2016

Humans have been in the process of innovating and improvising new products day by day. However, some products, particularly top the lists due to the diligence of their designers and innovators. Researchers work in various different fields of innovation ranging from personal use to even national security and bringing these innovative products ideas into reality. … Read more

Top 10 Biggest Cannons Ever Built in The History

largest cannons Tsar Cannon

Watching the marvellous, agile and accurate shooting devices nowadays like anti-aircraft guns makes us wonder that where the idea did actually grew its roots from and when we study this, all the stems lead towards the roots to one of the greatest inventions of all times, the giant, biggest cannons. Cannons were first pioneered in … Read more

Top 10 Best Shotguns in The World

best shotguns in the world

Whether choosing ammunition for defensive purposes or being just an enthusiast in this field, it’s always difficult to classify the top cream of all the various types of best shotguns out in the market. Shotguns are ranked and classified according to their ranges, size of bullet, barrel length, design, reliability, value for money and various other … Read more

52 Nerve-Wracking Tower Climbers Photos During Work

Being a tower climber is not that easy. It is a very risky and most dangerous job in the world. Climbing on the cell towers without caring about external circumstances is one of the challenging thing to do. Bravo to these awesome tower hands who put their life on risk to provide us hassle free communication. … Read more

29 Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Ironworkers During Work

photos of Ironworkers during work

Being an Ironworker is not that easy. Ironwork is considered as one of the most difficult and dangerous job in the world. Working on the heights, playing with iron is one of the challenging thing to do. But bravo to these awesome Ironworkers who shed their blood, sweat and tears to build amazing structures in the world. Here … Read more

21 Photos of Classic Cars Vs Their Modern Version

classic vs modern versions of cars

You might be wondering about the evolution of these modern day fast and furious cars. Check it out here 21 photos of latest cars next to their classic version. The automotive industry has been revolutionized since its beginning. The modern day cars are much more advance with tons of features and specs as compared to their … Read more