Top 10 Deadliest Warriors Throughout History -InfotainWorld

What is a warrior? Well, many of you may already know a depiction of what a warrior is: A brave person who fights for a nation or group. But what is deadliest warrior? A deadliest warrior is someone who will give up his life to train in the best possible way and become such a … Read more

Top 10 Most Famous Medieval Knights in History -InfotainWorld

One of the most famous middle ages knights

Knights are not common nowadays but in medieval times, brave men were knighted on account of their heroism to fight for the state. A knight is often symbolised as a soldier on a horse with heavy armour fighting for his or her state. There have been several hundred knights in history but some stand out … Read more

Top 10 Real Life Famous Pirates Throughout History

You might wonder: what is being famous in piracy? Well, level of ruthlessness, cruelty and viciousness is what makes a pirate “famous”. In the listing below, most famous pirates throughout history have been described who were an epitome of ultimate cruelty: 10-Edward England An Irish national, Edward England was a famous pirate from 1717-1720. He … Read more

48 Spine Chilling Linemen Photos During Work

linemen photos

A lineman is the person who is responsible to maintain, repair and install High power distribution and transmission lines. Lineman also built the system which provide electricity to the end user from it’s source. Linemen get trained through a proper apprenticeship program which needs 4 years to complete. A fully skilled lineman is called Journeyman … Read more

10 Best Greek Classics That You Should Definitely Read

Greek Classics

Literature of any culture or era serves many valuable purposes. Literature may be a source of valuable information from the experiences of the past generations. It may also be a source of a deep insight onto the mistakes committed that had huge repercussions for a whole generation in an era. Some literature may also be … Read more

Top 10 Famous Trials That Changed The History – InfotainWorld

Famous Trials

There are some famous trials that have created impact on the History. They either have changed the way of ideologies or build something totally new in the society. Most of these genius people did evil things and were punished in crime cases while other got convicted because of ignorance of the society. What is a trial … Read more

10 Most Evil Genius People Who Did Shockingly Horrible Things

evil genius people

People with exceptional talent are called geniuses. There are some who use this talent in the wrong direction. These are frequently referred to as “evil geniuses.” Many evil minds persist in our community. Most of them are pushed towards negativity due to psychological factors. However, it is quite puzzling to know that in history, some … Read more

10 Longest Hunger Strikes In History That Shocked The World

Longest Hunger Strikes

Do you know the longest hunger strikes ever happened in history? A hunger strike is a brief or prolonged denial to eat or drink any substance to show dissent. This dissent can be against a government’s rules or laws, against a prison’s regulations or can even be a general hunger strike for the sake of a … Read more

10 Most Mysterious Adolf Hitler Death Stories

Who was Adolf Hitler? Nazi pioneer and one of the most evil genius person ‘Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)’ was a standout amongst the most effective and notorious dictator of the twentieth century. Adolf Hitler death has been one of the most controversial topics in the present world. After World War I, he rose to control the … Read more

Top 10 Biggest Cannons Ever Built in The History

largest cannons Tsar Cannon

Watching the marvellous, agile and accurate shooting devices nowadays like anti-aircraft guns makes us wonder that where the idea did actually grew its roots from and when we study this, all the stems lead towards the roots to one of the greatest inventions of all times, the giant, biggest cannons. Cannons were first pioneered in … Read more

29 Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Ironworkers During Work

photos of Ironworkers during work

Being an Ironworker is not that easy. Ironwork is considered as one of the most difficult and dangerous job in the world. Working on the heights, playing with iron is one of the challenging thing to do. But bravo to these awesome Ironworkers who shed their blood, sweat and tears to build amazing structures in the world. Here … Read more

Polish Photographer Takes a Drone to K2, Returns With Stunning Pictures

Polish photographer David Kaszlikowski went on an expedition to film Karakorum region. While shooting of his upcoming documentary K2 Touching The Sky, he captured some of the breathtaking pictures of Baltoro glacier and K2. Baltoro  is considered to be one of the largest glaciers in the world. Kaszlikowski captured some of the jaw dropping images, of the worlds … Read more