52 Nerve-Wracking Tower Climbers Photos During Work

Being a tower climber is not that easy. It is a very risky and most dangerous job in the world. Climbing on the cell towers without caring about external circumstances is one of the challenging thing to do. Bravo to these awesome tower hands who put their life on risk to provide us hassle free communication. Here we have enlisted some of the most spine chilling Tower climbers photos during Work. Check them out.

1-A selfie from 2500 feet above.Tower Climber Photos

2-Sometime you have to climb at 1800 feet just to replace a bulb.Tower Climbers photos

3-A Tower Technician preparing to replace a bridgewave backhaul on a wireless communication tower.

Tower Climbers photos

4-Nothing better than suckin in fresh air then that office air con rubbish.Tower Climbers photos

5-Awesome–thrilling activities when we have something on highest peaks.Tower Climbers photos

6-Be a Tower Climber they said – It will be cool they said.Tower Climbers photos

7-Beating the gravity.

Tower Climbers photos

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8-Thrashing the snow.

Tower Climbers photos

9-“The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal”Tower Climbers photos

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10-This is how you cross between towers.Tower Climbers photos

11-Before making any of your call, thank a Tower Climber. Tower Climbers photos

12-Dropping below sectors (California, USA).Tower Climbers photos

13-Working in -20c in Nuvvus, Finland.Tower Climbers photos

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14-Either you love this job or you just can’t do it.

Tower Climbers photos

15-Greetings from Norway under -10c temperature.Tower Climbers photos

16-Ground was nowhere to be seen.

Tower Climbers photos

17-Tower Technician giving hand to his partner.Tower Climbers photos

18-It’s fun to be Tower Dawg.

Tower Climbers photos

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19-Life is hard- Tower Climbers are harder.Tower Climbers photos

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20-Living life is better than just passing throughTower Climbers photos

21-One need a hell of courage to do this kind of job.Tower Climbers photos

22-Life is hard..And we know how to deal with it.Tower Climbers photos

23-My job, my pleasure.

Tower Climbers photos

24-Norway, it’s not easy to work there in winters.Tower Climbers photos

25-Nothing can stop you to do your task.Tower Climbers photos

26-On the way to the inside the antenna for repair, through a narrow hatch on top.Tower Climbers photos

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Tower Climbers photos
Photo Credit: Devantay Rene

27-One need a hell of courage to climb here.

28-Our Balls make your calls possible.Tower Climbers photos

29-Microwave Antenna still so far.Tower Climbers photos

30-Placing the last one.

Tower Climbers photos

31-Risking their life to serve citizens, where their efforts hardly been recognized.Tower Climbers photos

32-She tats and climb.

Tower Climbers photos

33-Sitting on your carpet and go.Tower Climbers photos

34-Snakes on the cell tower. Watch out Tower Climbers.Tower Climbers photos

35-Stacking 380-footer.Tower Climbers photos

36-Stretching time.

Tower Climbers photos

37-“A well-ordered life is like climbing a tower; the view halfway up is better than the view from the base, and it steadily becomes finer as the horizon expands”Tower Climbers photos

38-This one is much better.Tower Climbers photos

39-Hardworking hands are the sign of clean money.Tower Climbers photos

40-The sun started showing itself- time to move back in nest.Tower Climbers photos

41-Tower technician checking the Microwave Antenna.Tower Climbers photos

42-Climbing at 1780 feet without ladder.Tower Climbers photos

43-Going down using descending breaks.Tower Climbers photos

44-Tower hands showing their skills to build a cell tower.

Credit :Kathy Brand

Tower Climbers photos

45-Working on water tank is never been an easy.Tower Climbers photos

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46-I am a Tower Climber- What’s your superpower?Tower Climbers photos

47-I am a Tower climber- i have earned this title with my blood, sweat and tears.Tower Climbers photos

48-The brave female tower climber.Tower Climbers photos

49-Yett another one joining the league.Tower Climbers photos

50-Bravo to this female tower technician.

Tower Climbers photos

51-You think your job is hard? Just trying getting into my office.

Tower Climbers photos

And Finally

52-The next time you use your mobile- thank a Tower ClimberTower Climbers photos

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These Tower Climbers photos are mostly taken from Telecom Nations and Tower Climber‘s facebook pages.