Behind the Badge: The Secret Formula of the World’s Best Police Forces

A police department is responsible for keeping peace in your area. Grabbing all the lawbreakers and fighting against evil are the primary goals of a police department. Everyone complains about police brutality and corruption, but no one recognizes their abilities or the sacrifices they made to save our lives. Being a policeman is one of … Read more

Top 10 Deadliest Warriors Throughout History -InfotainWorld

What is a warrior? Well, many of you may already know a depiction of what a warrior is: A brave person who fights for a nation or group. But what is deadliest warrior? A deadliest warrior is someone who will give up his life to train in the best possible way and become such a … Read more

Top 10 Most Famous Medieval Knights in History -InfotainWorld

One of the most famous middle ages knights

Knights are not common nowadays but in medieval times, brave men were knighted on account of their heroism to fight for the state. A knight is often symbolised as a soldier on a horse with heavy armour fighting for his or her state. There have been several hundred knights in history but some stand out … Read more

Top 10 Smallest Animals in The World That You’ve Never Heard About

Smallest Animals in The World

Which are the smallest animals in the world? Humans have a deep relation with animals. Animals are the creatures, who are beneficial for humans in many ways. There are hundreds of animals species found on earth. From giant dinosaurs to tiny fish (Paedocypris progenetica) they all comes in numerous shapes and sizes. Some are very … Read more

10 Smallest Things in The World That Will Surely Surprise You

Smallest Things in The World

What is the smallest thing in the world? The absolute minuteness of some specific organism or object may never be determined fully because humans find themselves researching for more and more and this thirst for research finds its way into a world of endless possibilities. If we truly try to determine the smallest thing in … Read more

35 Mind-Boggling Universe Facts You Need to Know

Universe Facts

Our universe is full of wonders and mysteries. Every other day astronomers discover new interesting universe facts. Here we have compiled some of the most amazing facts about our universe. Let’s check them out. 1-It is assumed that there are 10 Billion Trillion Stars in the Universe. 2-Do you know that a space suit cost … Read more

10 Most Evil Genius People Who Did Shockingly Horrible Things

evil genius people

People with exceptional talent are called geniuses. There are some who use this talent in the wrong direction. These are frequently referred to as “evil geniuses.” Many evil minds persist in our community. Most of them are pushed towards negativity due to psychological factors. However, it is quite puzzling to know that in history, some … Read more

Top 10 Best Armies in The World

best armies

Armed forces are the vital part of any country. Every country has its own capabilities to manage it’s army. There are many factors in the ranking of best armies across the globe. The role of army: Army is one of the most important and integral institutions of a country. Army protects a country’s territory and … Read more

10 Longest Hunger Strikes In History That Shocked The World

Longest Hunger Strikes

Do you know the longest hunger strikes ever happened in history? A hunger strike is a brief or prolonged denial to eat or drink any substance to show dissent. This dissent can be against a government’s rules or laws, against a prison’s regulations or can even be a general hunger strike for the sake of a … Read more

61 Cute Baby Animals Pictures That Will Make You Say ‘Aww’

Cute Baby Animals

Have you ever seen cute baby animals pictures compilation? These animal babies are so small and fluffy that they will make you go ‘Awww”? It is in human nature that they like innocence and cuteness. Cuteness and innocence more often associated with the childhood. Human always have a very deep connection with animals. Like human’s child, … Read more

Top 10 Incurable Diseases in The World You Should Know

Incurable Diseases

In this rapidly changing environment of the Earth, we are struck by a barrage of different negative factors. These factors include global warming and much more which is a growing concern for the birth of many severe diseases. However, severe is just a word to classify the deadliest diseases. The most severe amongst the terminal … Read more

Top 10 Longest Caves in The World

Which are the longest Caves in the world? Caves are underground potholes that form by the gradual erosion of natural minerals and rocks. There are several kinds of caves that form over hundreds of years. Some are situated on dry land between mountains. These are called dry caves. Dry caves may consist of spectacular looking … Read more

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in The World

Dangerous Jobs

What are the most dangerous jobs in the world? There really are several methods to recognize professions that are dangerous. Different methods have been used to identify which jobs are more deadly. One method is count the number of fatalities during work. Mostly these deadliest jobs are outdoor jobs where workers have to perform his/her … Read more

Top 10 Supermax Prisons in The World

Supermax Prisons

Each one of us knows what a prison is used for: to lock up the lawbreakers and offenders. Unfortunately, some peace offenders and law breakers won’t give up on their brutal and negative activities even after being locked up. They will use every possible way to get their escape from prison and continue their peace … Read more