Ramadan Fasting Times in 2015: How Long The Ramadan Fast Lasts?

Ramadan is a holy month. It is the month of self analysis, self improvement, soul piousness and a test of your patience. Muslim observe fast in this holy month. It is mandatory for Muslims to keep fast before the dawn of Fajar prayer and take the Suhur meal. One can’t eat or drink the whole day until the Maghrib prayer. At sunset friends and families gathered together for Iftar. Iftar is a meal eaten by Muslims to break the fast. Muslims break the fast usually with dates as the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  used to do.

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and requires individual to abstain from drinking, eating, smoking and sexual intercourse.

Remaining hungry whole day is test which teaches you many things. It is a practice to feel the hunger of poorer in the society. Which leads you to take care of their needs. Muslims found committees for charity and also help individually in this holy month. Keeping fast for the whole month helps you to purify your soul and move forward towards wellness.Fasting also have many health benefits.

Muslims around the world has different timing and schedules for Ramadan. Some have to experience a 22 hours long fast. It is not easy to maintain yourself for 22 hours without eating or drinking anything from sunrise to sunset. You have to take necessary steps to keep a balanced nutritious throughout the Holy month.

It varies on the area and continent where you live.Below chart will show you the Ramadan fasting times in specific regions and countries.

How long the Ramadan fast lasts for Muslims around the world?

How Long The Ramadan Fast Lasts For Muslims Around The World

You can also find the prayer timings in your specific city or country with the help of IslamicCity website.

Ramadan fasting is mandatory for every Muslim however there is relaxation for: Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, travelers, people who are seriously sick, or those at health risk. Children that have not gone through puberty are also not required to fast during the month of Ramadan.