Top 10 Worst Diseases in The World

In the industrially and economically growing world, it’s quite evident that we are becoming more and more vulnerable to various different diseases. There are some worst diseases with no cure, while some has it’s medication but the death tolls are still high because of their severity. These diseases are noticeably much more dangerous that require expensive medication. Sometimes, even with expensive medication, death comes along as part of the climatically changed environment we have created for ourselves particularly since the industrial revolution. Therefore, to explain what the worst diseases to live with, we have classified the top 10 worst diseases by death toll in the following rundown:


Top 10 Worst Diseases in The World
Photo Credit: Mikael Häggström
  • Fell in illness: 9.6 Million
  • Global Deaths in 2014: 1.5 Million

Having a cough which lasts for more than three weeks? Or coughing up blood? Well, I’m afraid you are tuberculotic. TB’s source is a bacterium called “Mycobacterium Tuberculosis “. A long-lasting cough, chest congestion, feeling tired or noticing the needs of tightening your belt are all symptoms of tuberculosis. World Health Organization (WHO) declared TB as ‘global health emergency ‘ in 1990. The reason for this declaration doesn’t lie in the fact that it’s incurable; rather, it’s the severity of the risk factors which predisposes people to Tuberculosis. TB is a principal disease of poverty. Its close relation with malnutrition and overcrowding leads to its effective circulation.

A group of people living together, being in close contact may become a source of spreading the disease. The re-usage of unsterilized needles on multiple individuals may also be a major source of spreading of this disease. Medically unprivileged individuals are more prone to such infections. Similarly a smoker is 2 times more likely to get affected by TB as compared to nonsmokers. Singing, talking and even drinking brings about this infection to spread and cause others with tuberculosis. According to WHO fact sheet Tuberculosis now ranks beside HIV/AIDS as a top reason of deaths worldwide.

9-Pre-Term Birth Complications

Worst Diseases in The World
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  • Global Deaths in 2013: 1 Million

Carrying twins in your womb? Or eating diethylstilbestrol, having abnormal cervix or you are a smoker? This all along with several other reasons can cause pre-mature birth. If a baby who is born before time survives, in such cases, the survival chances of young babies are very less. Usually infants die within first week after birth, are prone to many health diseases like breathing, heart, metabolic diseases etc. but the tragedy never ends here. All these diseases continue till your death bed with a higher degree of severity that’s why this is categorized as one of the worst diseases.

8-Diabetes Mellitus

Worst Diseases in The World
Photo credit: Mikael Häggström
  • Fell in illness in 2014: 422 Million
  • Global Deaths in 2012: 3.7 Million

There are mainly 2 types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is called insulin dependent diabetes . It’s evident from its name that there is a lack of insulin production by the pancreas. Type two diabetes is usually caused by obesity. Both types of diabetes can cause macro vascular complications, heart diseases, kidney and nerve damage etc. Due to its adverse effects, almost every organ of a diabetic patient is considered as vulnerable to various diseases. WHO report shows some astonishing stats about affections of Diabetes.

7-Diarrheal Diseases

Worst Diseases in The World

  • Fell in illness Globally: 1.7 Billion/Year (WHO Report)
  • Global Deaths: 2.2 Million/Year

When do you have diarrhea? It is when you pass watery stools more than three times per day. Diarrhea is usually a symptom of some infection in the intestinal tract caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses or even parasites. As a result of poor hygiene this is transmitted through food and drinks. The threat posed by diarrhea is dehydration. This in return casuals restlessness, sunken eyes, shock, diminished consciousness, hypo-tension, and even death in severe cases and is so classified as one of the most fatal diseases in the world.


deadliest Diseases in The World
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  • Living with illness in 2016: 36.7 Million
  • Global Deaths in 2016: 1.1 Million (Source)

What is HIV? It is Human Immune Deficiency Virus. HIV and AIDS are interlinked as a person affected by HIV is likely to develop it into AIDS. HIV is one of the deadliest diseases without cure. A common question usually asked is that what leads to its dispersion? It’s mainly circulated by having intercourse with an individual who has HIV/AIDS, sharing un-sterilized needles, blood transfusion and much more. This is such an infectious disease that it can transfer in a baby during birth or breast-feeding. Treatment is discovered, but there is no permanent cure! Thus called one of the worst diseases.


Worst Diseases in The World
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  • Living with illness in 2012: 14.1 Million
  • Global Deaths in 2012: 8.2 Million (Source)

Now what is cancer? It is the abnormal growth of body cells. 90% of lung cancers are caused by smoking. A tobacco smoke contains 4000 carcinogenic compounds. The possibility of developing cancer is very high in persons who are exposed to air pollution e.g. radon gas. Its cure requires several chemotherapy sessions and radiation therapies, which is quite expensive. The cure is present, but if it is detected when the disease develops fully it can produce deadliest cancer.

4-Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Worst Diseases in The World

  • Living with illness in 2016: 235 Million
  • Global Deaths: 3 Million/year (WHO)

This is a widespread disease that may interfere with normal breathing mechanism. It usually begins as a viral infection in the nose / trachea / lungs. Adenoviruses, Pneumococcus and Rhinoviruses triggers respiratory illnesses. Congestion, runny nose, cough, fatigue are common symptoms. If left uncured this may cause fever, chills, low blood oxygen, loss of consciousness. People with heart and other lung diseases are more prone to this illness. Its complications are extremely serious and can result in permanent damage, even death by respiratory arrest, respiratory failure and congestive heart failure.

3-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Worst Diseases in The World

  • Living with illness in 2016: 235 Million
  • Global Deaths: 3 Million/year (Source)
  • Global Death share: 6%

COPD is a lung disease usually caused by the damage done to the lungs by smoking when bronchial tubes get inflamed and make a lot of mucus, which narrows airways creating difficulty in breathing called chronic bronchitis. The second disease which is part of COPD is emphysema. In a healthy person air sacs are like balloons, but a person who suffers from this loose the flexibility of their air sacs. Less air diffuses in and out of the lungs, which makes you feel shortness of breath. Except for smoking and asthmatic person or a prematurely born baby are more likely to get COPD.


Worst Diseases in The World

  • Suffered from stroke: 15 Million/year (Source)
  • Global Deaths: 6.7 Million/year 
  • Suffered from disability due to strike: 5 Million/Year

A stroke is when an artery to the brain gets blocked or ruptures, the brain becomes oxygen deficient and the person may die within few minutes. Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetic patients and smokers are vulnerable to stroke. This may cause temporary or permanent disabilities, for example paralysis, difficulty in talking (dysarthria), memory loss, pain, numbness and may experience withdrawal symptoms so classified as 2nd of the most dangerous diseases. After dementia, stroke is the second main cause of disability in the world.

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1-Heart Diseases

Worst Diseases in The World

  • Global Deaths: 17.5 Million/year (Source)

This is a result of plaque accumulation in one’s coronary arteries i.e. arteriosclerosis that leads to blockage. As a result heart receives less blood oxygen and vital nutrients required for proper pumping. Cholesterol laden plaque increases the risk of blood clots and heart attacks. Chemicals released by plaques start the process of healing making inner walls of artery sticky. Fundamental nutrients passing through this vessel start sticking causing life threatening situation.Heart diseases are the number 1 cause of death globally. More people die annually from heart diseases than from any other disease.Thus ranked as the first of the top 10 worst diseases in the world.