10 Smallest Things in The World That Will Surely Surprise You

What is the smallest thing in the world?

The absolute minuteness of some specific organism or object may never be determined fully because humans find themselves researching for more and more and this thirst for research finds its way into a world of endless possibilities. If we truly try to determine the smallest thing in the world then we might end up with no final answer.

Considering particles, atom was considered to be the tiniest particle but then it was discovered that is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Very soon this ideology was also further established as protons and neutrons themselves being made up of particles called quarks. However, with the latest known facts and figures, the minuteness of anything on this planet is determined by its length or if circular in nature so diameter in this case. While cataloging from known facts, the top 10 smallest things in the world have been classified in the following rundown:

10-Smallest Police Station

Smallest Things in The World

Police Station is often thought as a building containing many departments each having its own purpose for deterrence of criminal activities and irregulations in law and order. In the mid 1960’s, Carrabelle’s police station was situated in a call box that was rushed to a working at the side of U.S. Parkway 98 and Tallahassee Street. Amid this time, the city had issues with individuals making unapproved calls to its police telephone. Johnnie Mirabella, the main St. Joe Telephone Company worker in Carrabelle at the time, moved the telephone to another area, yet the illicit calls proceeded.

9-Smallest Adult Human

Smallest Things in The World

Chandra Bahadur Dangi was declared as the smallest adult on this planet by the Guinness World Records. He resided in Nepal and till 2015 kept his status of the shortest man alive. He said that he always wished to popularize his country by the world record that he achieved. According to official documentation, his height was 54.6 cm (1 ft. 9.5 inches) and weighed a meagre 15kg (32 lbs).

8-Smallest Born Child

Smallest Things in The World

Usually for a premature child that’s born, statistics establish the average length and weight of a new-born baby as 20 inches and 96 ounces respectively. However, in 2006 Amillia Taylor was born as the world’s smallest premature baby after only 22 weeks of development. She was just 10 ounces and 9.5 inches long.

7-Smallest Jet Airplane

smallest airplane

In mid 1970s “Bede Aircraft Corporation” a small company owned by Jim Bede a US plane designer. Jim designed and manufactured a small kit for aircraft. The Kit was just weighing around 350 pounds and he managed to sold over 5,000 units.

Out of five thousands unit only few of them were completed as the company got bankrupt and disconnects the supply.

The BD-5J consist on 20 ft wingspan and can fly at a speed of 483 kph. The maximum crushing altitude is 7,010 meters. This type of jet planes were popular back than in 1980. This plane was and remain smallest power jet in the world.

6-Smallest Camera

smallest camera

Researcher of  Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has developed a unique and tiny camera. The size of the camera is no longer than a grain of salt. This “Microcamera” invention is considered a revolution in medical history as it can take images inside a human body.

Size of this camera is 1 cubic meter (Shown above next to the syringe) almost equals to 1 grain of salt.The camera resolution is 0.06 megapixel and can do all the tasks it was designed for. After every medical procedure the camera get disposed of.

The camera is considered to be a replacement of expensive endoscopic procedures. After every procedure the endoscopic equipment need to be sterilized while this camera is disposable and can’t be reused. It is considered more safe for endoscopic treatments.

5-Smallest Gun

Smallest Things in The World

Imagine a gun as small as a quarter palm of your hand. The Swiss Minigun is the world’s smallest gun. A revolver by manufacture, it is a double-action. 09 caliber six-shooter that’s just over two inches (5.5 cm) long weighing 0.7 oz. (19.8 g). The SwissMiniGun is as tiny as a key but is capable of firing tiny bullets at over 270mph.

4-Smallest Artificial Heart

smallest things in the world

Heart diseases are consider to be the worst diseases in the world. Though there are many treatments available right now but in 2012 something magical has happened.

Dr. Robert Jarvik created the battery sized artificial heart and tested successfully on a human. It all started in 2012 when a 16 month old baby was awaiting a heart transplant. There was no donor available immediately, doctors were forced to uses Jarvik’s device. Weighing just 11 gram this world’s smallest artificial heart is an implantable pump and had only been tested on animals.

To avoid infections this device is connected with tubes and runs outside of the body. The doctors removed the baby’s heart and placed this device (Image above). Where remained 13 days inside the body.

As soon as the donor found the original heart was replaced with the device, But this operation opens new horizon for the treatment of heart diseases.

3-Smallest Teapot Crafted

Smallest Things in The World

Crafted by a 73-year-old Chinese master potter, Wu Ruishen, this teapot continues to fascinate the world for its miniature size. Thinking it’s one of those teapots that are really used for holding and pouring tea? No, definitely it’s just a showpiece but how was such a miniature artifact crafted with so much finishing is definitely astonishing. This weighs just 1.4 grams (0.05 ounces). It is made up of clay and has a Chinese style manufacture being so small that you can hold it on your finger tip or even on the nail of your finger!

2-Smallest Teddy bear

Smallest Things in The World

Teddy bear is one of those essentials and entertainment of young ages that we would have enjoyed. Made of soft fur, large in size and having a cute face with remarkable features are the main thoughts that come into anyone’s mind when thinking of a usual teddy bear. However, astonishing as it might be, created by a German artist Bettina Kaminski, the teddy bear measures just 5mm in height. It is even hard to imagine how did the artist gave shape of a teddy bear in such a miniature size. Due to its minuteness it is 2nd on the list for the smallest things in the world. This minute teddy bear is considered as smallest man made object in the world.


10 Smallest Things in The World

Nanobes are the minutest creatures on our planet. They barely touch the minimum requirements to be considered as a living creature. They are so minute that they can only be seen under special microscopes. They are 1000 times smaller than body cells, i.e. a length of 20 to 150 nanometers! They were discovered under the ocean by Dr. Phillipa Uwins from an Australian university named Queensland University. She encountered them during oil drilling. This creature has shocked the researchers for its level of minuteness and therefore it tops the list of the top 10 smallest things in the world. Nanobes are considered smallest living thing in the world.