10 Most Evil Popes in History

Popes are referred to as the head of the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome. Pope is the chief head of the Christians population all over the world. The system of Popes is basically for the reason to lead and guide the Christians. Moreover, they also work generally for human rights and in works of charity. If we see the history of the popes, a total of 266 popes have headed the Christian community. However, just like in a bunch of apples, some apples are not good to eat or are rotten, similarly amongst the 266 popes, there are few popes known for their wickedness and criminal nature. These bad popes disavow the catholic belief in papal infallibility. The list of the top 10 evil popes has been classified in the following rundown based on facts from history:

10-Pope Damasus I (366-384)

Evil Popes in History

People who lived during Damasus’s rule saw an astringent day where ladies and youngsters were purchased and sold as slaves to build funds for the congregation at Damasus’ church. The individuals who resisted the domineering principle of Damasus would be tormented and truly blazed alive after their properties were seized and utilized for chapel assigned purposes. More awful fact is that the ladies forced into prostitution were not generally basic subjects of Rome, but rather female ministers and nuns themselves.

9-Pope Benedict IX (1032-1048)

Evil Popes in History

Having ruled in discontinuous periods, this pope had a wicked personality hidden behind the face as a priest. He is reported to have achieved papacy due to a socially stronger family background. Pope Benedict IX was someone who would sell papacy for great sums of money which is also evident by the fact that he gave up papacy twice during his reign for gold and money. He was accused of adultery, homosexuality and even bestiality, all qualities which are unthinkable of a holy person.

8-Pope Leo X (1475-1521)

Evil Popes in History

He carried on his reign with an existence of magnificence; Leo rehearsed nepotism and was even blamed for homosexuality. Actually, some sources hold that he kicked the bucket in bed while getting it on with a teen-age. That allegation could conceivably be valid, obviously, however one thing is without a doubt: Leo surely let his adoration for extravagances defeat him.

7-Sergius III (904-911)

Evil Popes in History

In seven short years as Pope, Sergius III was awful the moment he was made Pope. He took the Papacy through homicide. He lived cheerily unmarried with a mistress by the name of Marozia. While his political associates may have made the most of his lethal inclinations for picking up control of the papacy, Sergius’ courtesan may have equaled him in genuine potential for insidiousness. Marozia actually killed Pope Leo VI who took after Sergius only seventeen short years after Sergius left the Throne of Peter with a specific end goal to assert the throne for Sergius’ and her child.

6-Stephen VI (896-897)

Evil Popes in History

Pope Stephen VI was sanctified by Pope Formosus who, amid his rule, was expelled for leaving the Papal seat. Eventually he was pardoned and allow to come back to Rome, which turned out to be a big mistake. At the point when Stephen VI came the Papal Throne, he put Formosus on trial as he was blamed for transmigrating funds, disregarding standard law and of serving as a bishop while really a layman. Stephen ordered the mutilation of two fingers from Formosus’s right hand. Formosus’ body was tossed into the Tiber’s waters. However, later he was eventually dismissed in an uprising and choked to death.

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5-Pope Pius IX (1846-1878)

Evil Popes in History

It is known that there was an immediate connection between his continuous evil nature inside the domain of governmental issues and the death of President Abraham Lincoln. Both financing for and the arrangement of the plan of shooting Lincoln is said to have been connected to him regardless of mainstream thinking that Lincoln’s death orders were generally passed on by the Catholic church.

4-Pope Innocent III (1198-1216)

Evil Popes in History

Don’t go on his name because this man aided mass murders! Though he wasn’t as bloodthirsty as his predecessor, he was known to be an aid and abetted in mass murders of over one million people during his papacy period between 1198 and 1216. He also began a Crusade against the Albigenses where he was known to order the butcher of thousands of individuals in inhumane ways.

3-Pope John XXIII (1410-1415)

Evil Popes in History
The Bad Popes

There were several witnesses who saw and purported against him on the accompanying charges of fornication, adultery, incest, sodomy, simony, theft, and last but the greatest of all, murder. Many observers disclose to the painful truth that a large number of women were kept by him locked for his so called ‘pleasure’. Countless lives were lost amid the split authorized in endeavors to remove John XXIII, however fortunately with the relentless efforts of the general population; he was finally deposed in only 5 years of start of his papacy.

2-Pope Urban II (1088-1099)

Evil Popes in History
Worst Popes of all time

For a reference to realize the atrocities committed by Pope Urban II, Hitler is known to have ordered the killing of around 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. Pope Urban II was the benchmark for where the wrongdoings against mankind and God got to be genocidal. Between the years 1096-1099 Pope Urban II requested the butcher of approximately ten million individuals where there were men and ladies yet for the most part kids in endeavors to secure Belgrade, the Orthodox Church of Constantinople in Yugoslavia and additionally Turkey, Syria, Antioch and Palestine. This pope, based upon the facts mentioned, is on 2nd number for the most evil popes in the history of Christianity.

1-Pope Pius XII (1939-1958)

10 Most Evil Popes in History

He was an epitome of merciless and cruel nature and indeed an insane personality. He was known to be Hitler’s Pope. This insane and evil pope suggested Hitler the use of such barbaric ways to execute non-Catholic minorities including setting individuals on fire, cannibalism, live dismemberment of body parts and beating up with those parts until death. Not only did his hideous nature account for this, he also aided the war criminals of Croatia under the name of Catholic Ustashi and committed mass murders of more than 600,000 people which make it really hard to realize the magnitude of his malevolent and sinister nature. Thus he tops the list of the most evil pope in the history of mankind.

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