10 Best Innovative Products of 2016

Humans have been in the process of innovating and improvising new products day by day. However, some products, particularly top the lists due to the diligence of their designers and innovators. Researchers work in various different fields of innovation ranging from personal use to even national security and bringing these innovative products ideas into reality. Considering the top picks amongst the various different fields, We have classified the list of 10 best innovative products of 2016 below.


Best Innovative Products of 2016
Best Innovative Products of 2016

Combined with amazing features and inexplicable battery life, this smartwatch takes things to a totally new level of innovation. The Android Wear-based WSD-F10 is water-impervious to 50 meters, meets military strength models, and it adjusts with both Android and Apple gadgets for notifications. The fresh, vivid LCD screen presents data clearly, by means of a variety of application choices ranging from the route, climate information, elevation for trekking, running, and cycling progress. The battery will last around a day under overwhelming utilization of all elements, yet a smart double show implies you can return to a monochromatic LCD presentation of simply the essentials (time, date) to extend battery life up to a month!

9-LG Foldable Screen

We all must have seen gazillion time, a newspaper rolled in many hands regularly. But what if I tell you that there’s a foldable display AMOLED screen! Yes indeed, LG has introduced a foldable AMOLED screen that takes innovation to a totally new level. It’s an eighteen-inch screen. The idea was first seen on a curved display on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, however, LG has taken the idea of a curved display to a totally extraordinary level.


With the increasing issues faced nowadays regarding transportation, an energy efficient, light-weighted, fuel-free means of transport are no less than a blessing. This clever electric apparatus folds up easily and afterward unfurls in only 1 second to uncover a bike with a scope of 15 miles for every charge and a top velocity of 17 MPH. Good enough for a patient and environment-friendly traveler.

7-Harman In-Car Monitoring System

Best Innovative Products of 2016
Best Innovative Products of 2016

Staying with autos for a minute, Harman has concocted another framework with the possibility to save a huge number of lives every year. Harman’s system, presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016), The world’s first student situated in-auto observing framework can track a driver’s eye to not simply give a notice in the event that he or she is nodding off, but additionally guarantee the driver’s consideration keeps focused towards the road as well. The framework screens understudy widening to figure out whether a driver may be diverted, and the equipment section is slightly more than a straightforward camera so it can reasonably be introduced in any auto.

6-Nikon KeyMission 360

Best Innovative Products of 2016
Best Innovative Products of 2016

There were numerous incredible cameras divulged at CES 2016, yet Nikon’s splendid KeyMission 360 activity camera stealthily stole the appear. The rough, waterproof, double lens gadget catches 360-degree video and pictures in tack-sharp 4K determination. The footage can be seen on portable PCs—the client can look around to look in any course—or experienced by means of virtual-reality headsets.

5-BMW i8 Mirrorless Technology

The framework utilizes two little cameras as a part of the two side-view mirrors. In addition to cameras in the back of the auto, it joins together a solitary picture perspective of all the action around you. The picture replaces the inside mirror on the windshield, so drivers should adjust to looking there rather than to the side. It may seem hard to get used to, however, when you utilize it, it rapidly gets to be natural, and after that, the video stream produces more finished, blind-free views for drivers.

4-Lenovo Yoga 900S Hybrid

The convertible tablet permits the screen to flip behind the console. It weighs a mere 2.2 pounds and is as sleek as just a half-inch. It incorporates the use of an Intel 6th era Core M processor, which likewise stretches out battery life to 10.5 hours of video playback. The 12.5-inch multi-touch screen lets you utilize it as a tablet or even consolidate it with use of keyboard and touch to have an immersive experience

3-Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Finally not one of those conventional refrigerators, Samsung has finally improvised a new life to refrigerator design. It highlights a colossal, 21.5-crawl full-HD LCD screen that is Wi-Fi empowered and application associated. It can be utilized as a pin-board, a photo wall, or a source of entertainment for audio and video. It’s likewise a perfect kitchen element and shopping-list supervisor, giving you a chance to request nourishment from online websites and even check the composition of your ice chest remotely, by means of three cameras inside the entryway. It’s an onlooker of your kitchen accessories!

2-Parrot DISCO Drone

It’s invigorating to at last see fixed wing drones enter the market. Parrot’s light-weightedness is amazing i.e. just 1.5 pounds! The advantages of having fixed wings are uncountable. It flies very easily and smoothly for tack-sharp HD video recording and for a span of more than 45 minutes. It incorporates all the fancy odds and ends you’d need. In particular, it’s unimaginably simple to utilize. For instance, to dispatch, you simply hurl it noticeable all around, and the Disco will hover above you until you get your controller and assume control. Landing is additionally programmed. It’ll set itself down automatically wherever you pick.

1-HP ENVY Curved All-in-One

Best Innovative Products of 2016
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The HP ENVY Curved All-in-One offers a high-resolution, corner-bended presentation screen with a 21:9-perspective. It features an Intel Core i5-6400T processor, 16 GB of RAM, a 1 TB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 960A  graphic card. The HP ENVY All-in-One additionally accompanies Windows 10 preloaded, so you can take your ventures to a radically new level. The blend of the Windows Hello and an Intel RealSense 3D Camera gives additional security and exact facial recognition. Truly spectacular! 1st  on the list of the best innovative products of 2016.

10 Best Innovative Products of 2016

  1. HP ENVY Curved All-in-One
  2. Parrot DISCO Drone
  3. SAMSUNG Family Hub Refrigerator
  5. BMW I8 Mirrorless Technology
  6. Nikon KeyMission 360
  7. Harman In-Car Monitoring System
  8. Xcooter
  9. LG Foldable Screen
  10. CASIO WSD-F10