27 Surprisingly Satisfying Welding Photos That Prove Welders Are Artists

Welding two objects is an easy thing to do, most people can do it if they try. But it takes years of continuous practice to do it in a perfect way. A perfectly formed bead has no comparison and is so satisfying to watch.

We usually considers welding just another normal profession but in real welders are artists. Their work should be functional first. As if the bond they forge get broke, it could cost lives. With the bar of that care comes pride and responsibility in craftsmanship. When any welder puts everything in his work, it becomes masterpiece.

Welding is like sewing with fire. Welders are artists, one of the hardcore profession as they work with metal and fire. By mastering such forces and bend them into piece of art, it is obvious that everyone will appreciate their work. Let’s check out these amazingly satisfying welding photos.

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1-Welders are flawless. Their work speaks that loudly.

Welding Photos

2-These three awesome welds on a section of pipe.

Welding Photos

3-This is better than P*RN.

4-So simple, yet so pleasing.

Welding Photos

5-Who knew welders could create such colors?

Welding Photos

6-This is what we called Excellence, My friend!

7-Near Rainbow coloring with the weld.

8-That weld goes thoroughly up.

9-Job weld done.

Welding Photos

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10-Seamless straight weld

11-Okay…now you must say it is a ‘show off’.

12-A masterpiece that can make you feeling dizzy.

Welding Photos

13-See the curves,  appreciate the weld.

14-Simultaneous layers of beading.

Welding Photos

15-This bead is love!

16-This wicked looking cobra.

17-This is mind blowingly work weld done.

18-Neat, Clean, Sleek, Tidy and spotless.

19-Hotness overloaded!

20-This is orgasmic, Heavy breathings!

21-A welder Halloween decoration.

22-Gas Tungsten Arc Welding This is the cleanest form of welding.

23-Legit, Should be an album cover.

Welding Photos

24-This is so satisfying!

25-Beautiful gold-colored weld.

Welding Photos

26-Apparently welders like stormtroopers.

27-Layers upon layers, So sleek and beautiful weld.

Welding Photos

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Source: Reddit | Instagram | Imgur