23 Real Life Scary Pictures With Horrifying Backstories Ever Heard

Are you fond of horror and enjoy this kind of situation. We brought you some of the most scary pictures from real life that can make your nerve stop.

Horror movies are made so that audience can feel the thrill and terror of genuine horror without any harm. But in real the horror has spine chilling effects.  Usually humans freak out with something that can produce fear and make you panic. This could be any paranormal thing like murders, ghosts, demons and real accident death photos.

Have you ever been encountered in any horror situation? Not yet? We will show you some of the real life scary pictures that will give you nightmare for days, even their backstories are more terrifying you have ever heard.

Let’s check out the most horrifying pictures ever taken.

1-When human meat went on saleThis man is unable to get off the subway tracks in New York City with a train bearing down.

Human can go to anything about their survival. This disturbing photo shows that these two person selling the human meat. In 1920s when there was a famine in Russia this photo was taken. These two are husbands and wife and they are selling the meat of their kids. Which they killed just to sell the meat and eat something instead. Life sometimes can be so cruel? Isn’t it?

2-An aerial view of Mass suicide at Jonestown

An aerial view of one of the most disturbing death photos ever taken. Jim Jones a churchman who once preached against racism ordered a mass murder-suicide to his followers. According to him this is a “revolutionary act”. At least 909 people get murdered with poison including women and kids. They all are injected with cyanide on force, even on gun point.

3- True face of concentration camps

This little Polish girl drawing a picture of home as she grew up in a concentration camp.

4-The poor ‘Omayra Sanchez’

Sometimes images become scary stories and these stories can make your night sleepless. Omayra Sanchez was yet another 12 year old Colombian girl who trapped in Armero tragedy. Her legs got stuck in roof bricks and rescue team can’t able to free her. She died there after 60 hours of pain.

5-The lost friend

This disturbing photo is of a 19 year old girl who lost her way in katakombs. It was 2005s New Year celebration when a group of friends went in katakombs to party. They spend night there and at return lost their one friend. Her decaying body was found in 2007 and took out to bury.

6-It is Definitely a Dead Body

7-Paranormal Pictures that may scare you

This black spirit moving over a patient caught on camera in a hospital one night. It is said that patient died few hours later.

8-The leftovers of a victim of spontaneous human combustion

Spontaneous human combustion means a person get on fire from a chemical reaction within. This can happen for number of reason. This scary photo shows the remains of woman who get caught by SHC.

9-The Remains of John Torrington.

The above scary photo is of John Torrington who died in 1846 during a lost expedition in the Canadian Arctic. In 1980 scientist dug up his grave and found his body well preserved.

10-Bomb shocked soldier in the channels of the First World War.

11-Shadows of vaporized people when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

12-When the little kid came out for a pose

As per the parents claim this little kid was already dead and in grave when this photo was taken.

13-The brutality of Auschwitz gas chamber

This is a sadder photo than creepy one. German killed the Jews in gas chambers. The pictures from these concentration camp could be the scariest pictures in the world. These line can clearly shows the pain of helpless people fighting for their life.

14-The Last Jew

This photograph titled as “The Last Jew of Vinnitsa” and you can probably think why it is. Image the terror at the face of this Jew who is about to die. Hitler killed 6 million Jews in Germany. There are lots of terrifying stories of those people and their concentration camps.

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15-Grandpa decoded to creep on grandma

This old man in the background is the husband of this grandma and been dead for 10 year when the photo was taken. Surely he is taking care of her.

16-Love sometime have scary effects

The woman showing in this photo is actually dead. Her husband was so mad in her love that he kept her with him for two days after she passed away as the cause of death is unknown.

17- This family union

Their neighbours should have avoided the eye contact with them.

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18-Seeing death coming your way

Real Life Scary Pictures

This controversial New York post shows a man pushed down on the subway track. While train is approaching him and he is about to die. The most scary part of this image is that photographer instead of helping him to get on platform took his time for photography while train hit him.

19-This retarded goat outside

This goat type creepy creature get caught on camera while a body is laying in front of her. Should be a picture of Ghost.

20-Come girl let’s have party

Real Life Scary Pictures

This horrifying photo show a ghost trying to catch the girl from behind.

21-This creepiest group photo ever caught on camera

22-This Ghostly Child

Real Life Scary Pictures

A photographer was taking trial shots while he captured this image of a ghostly child. Should be a terrifying moment for him.

23-A smile before death

Real Life Scary Pictures

This image was taken just a moment before they are about to struck by lightning.  It will be a very disturbing to imagine what would have happened to these smiling faces after that.