21 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. They are loyal to humans. But sometimes they do stupid and hilarious things. Here in these pictures, these pups did it wrong. Well in this list these guys don’t seems to be human’s best friend instead they look like MUD’S best friend. From stinky sheepdogs to mud-coated pugs and dirt-coated corgis to grimy German Shepherds, These mucky mutts will surely bring smile on your face. Do you have any dog that loves rolling in the dirt? Share your pictures in comments.

1-His face is like Uh, it’s not what you think

2-I love you so “Mud”

3-Who? Us?

4-Who thought it was a sculpture for a split second?

5-Which Dog Knows What The Word “Bath” Means?

6-This is what you call a ‘mud bath’.

7-There is a Little Speck On His Coat…Dog Play In The Mud

8-The Aftereffects Of Wet Weather Meeting

9-That Looks Like The Happiest Frenchie.

10-Stick legsDog Play In The Mud

11-Princess Mud Fluff

12-Oh i know i did something naughty

13-Little One Got Stuck In Trench, Big One Went In To Rescue Him. No Pup Left Behind

Dog Play In The Mud

14-instant regret

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15-I’m still your cute lil buttetcup, right?

Dog Play In The Mud

16-I am Gonna Be in So Much Trouble…

17-I am Having The Best Time of My Life.

18-Didn’t eat dirt. Ate earth chocolate

Dogs Play In The Mud

19-Bring A Husky They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said

Dog Play In The Mud

20-Batman? Who?

21-A Mud Bath Makes Your Hair Shinier.

dirty Dogs Play In The Mud

Well everyone loves these dirty dogs play in the mud. Do you have any picture of your dog? Share with us in comments and we will include in the article.