5 Terrifying Realities of Power Linemen That Will Give You a Shock

Next time you faced the power outage, before you moan about not being able to run the AC or watch TV, take pity on the lineman.

He is the guy lifted 50 feet in the air in a bucket above a utility truck, dealing with deadly hot cables to get your light back on. Most dependable people you’ll ever meet no matter what the situation is.

If you are looking to make some decent income with a lot of overtime, you should consider this line of work. Linemen are always up, weathers wires are down by squirrels or storms.

“It’s something not everybody can do — to get up at that height and get up at that power,

Let’s check out some of the terrifying realities of power linemen you didn’t know before.

1-It’s Not an Occupation For the Fainthearted

In a stormy weather, hanging yourself hundred feet in the air, playing with high voltage hot wires is definitely not a job of fainthearted.

“The ultimate goal is for that person to go home the way they came to work,” said Chris Yourishin, a line crew manager. “Working on that it takes one lapse and it’s permanent. It’s a fatality or an electrocution.”

2- It’s Something We Take For Granted

Terrifying Realities of Power Linemen

Run to storms, not from them! Lights must stay on. Whether under sweltering heat or freezing temperatures, utilities’ line crews protect from head to toe from the unlikely incident, they are all very well trained because that one of those wires can be hot.

Rubber sleeves, thick rubber gloves, nonflammable clothing, eye protection, harness, boots and a hard hat, on average, a lineman carries, at least 30 lbs of equipment and tools.

3- Most Strenuous Job in The World

Terrifying Realities of Power Linemen

It’s a labor-intensive and dangerous job that demands workers to be fit. Not only do they have to climb heights, but they mostly have to replace and dig up replace utilities poles. Wearing rubber clothing in the heat is not that easy. Worst scenarios, the site is unapproachable. You can’t get the bucket truck out. You have to drag the pole by hand. Protective gear and 50 pounds on you, electricity, dehydration, the heat and the hazards. It requires a lot of stamina, dedication, strength and mental-activeness.

4-Prone to Injuries

Terrifying Realities of Power Linemen
Photo Credit: freddicer

Power line workers face many dangers on daily basis that threaten their lives. Heat exhaustion, falls and electrocution are few of them. In warm weather wearing thick rubber gloves, additional protection gloves, protective googles, thick rubber sleeves, special boots and a hard hart can cause dehydration. Average age of a fieldworker is 50.

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5-Same Old Technology

Terrifying Realities of Power Linemen

On the earth, it would seem as if the technology hasn’t changed from the days of old black-and-white movies. For now, nothing can swap the worker who is eager to be lifted high above the surface to negotiate with dangerous equipment.

“Thomas Edison would recognize the systems that are in place today, the poles and wires that deliver power across the community. They are pretty much the same ones for decades,” Wood, a line crew manager said.

Got power, Thank a lineman

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