35 Mind-Boggling Universe Facts You Need to Know

Our universe is full of wonders and mysteries. Every other day astronomers discover new interesting universe facts. Here we have compiled some of the most amazing facts about our universe. Let’s check them out.

universe facts

1-It is assumed that there are 10 Billion Trillion Stars in the Universe.

2-Do you know that a space suit cost around $11 million. 70% of that cost covers only bag packs and control modules.

3-59 days on earth equals to one day at Mercury

4-A mirror is placed on the moon’s surface, to reflect a laser beam, to measure the distance between earth and moon with amazing accuracy.

5-We are made out of stars. Our body consists of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and 60 other minerals. Our stars consist of most of these elements.

6-Sun has a vital role for our lives on earth. Have you ever imagined how big the sun is? Well one million of our earths could fit inside the sun. And yes there are many more stars bigger than sun out there.

7-If you cry in space the tears will stick to your face.

8-There is a planet, where it rains glass, sideways with blistering temperature over 1000 degree Celsius in shrilling 7000 kph winds.

9-A “Photon” takes 170,000 years to reach at the surface of the sun from its core. Then it just takes 8 minutes to reach on earth surface.

10-With the help of Hubble Telescope we can look back billions of years into past.

Universe Facts

11-There is a planet which has a giant gas cloud, contains enough alcohol to fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.

universe facts

12-The middle of the Milky Way smells like raspberries and tastes like rum.

13-A large asteroid might hit our earth and wiped out everything by 2029. According to a NASA report “Apophis Asteroid” can hit our earth by 2029 and 2036. So you have any retirement plan? Do pray that this asteroid misses our earth.

14-The heaviest start in our universe are called neutron stars. These stars are the smallest and densest known to exist in our universe. Their radius is only between 10-13 km. The Neutron stars are so dense, if you take one tablespoon (5 ml) of its material, it weighs around 100 million tons.

Universe Facts

Black Hole Facts

Black Holes are the most mysteries things in our universe. Here are some black hole fun facts that will blow your mind.

Universe Facts

15-The nearest black hole to earth is more than 20,000 light-years away.

16-If you fell into a black hole, you would stretch like spaghetti.

universe facts

17-Black Holes are only dangerous if you get close to them.

18-Astronomers have estimated that there are 1 million-1 Billion black holes in our Milky Way.

19-Karl Schwarzschild was the first man who discovered black hole on basis of Einstein’s theory.

20-Black Hole is the ultimate source of energy. It can generate energy more than sun because a black hole converts mass into energy.

Facts About Earth

21-Our Earth is almost five billion years old.

22-Life started on the earth about 150 to 200 million years before.

23-Earth is gradually slowing down. It is estimated that in millions of year time, a day on earth will long about 27 hours.

24-Our earth’s center is hotter than surface of the sun, with a temperature of 7,500°c.

25-Out of all planets in our solar system, earth is the densest one. The density of earth is approximate 5.52 grams per cubic centimeter.

26-Earth is the only planet not named after God. The other 7 planets in our solar system are named after Roman God or Goddess.

27-Earth is the only planet in solar system that has water and life.

28-Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun and comes between planet Mars and Venus.

facts about earth

29-Earth has one natural satellite, which is Moon. Moon revolves around the earth so it is considered a satellite of earth.

30-Earth tilt is the reason for change in seasons. Earth got a tilt of 23.5 degree compared to the actual plane of earth’s orbit around the sun. This tilt is responsible for weather change.

Universe Facts

Solar System Facts

Universe Facts

31-Our Solar System was created approximately 4.6 billion years ago and consists of the Sun, planets, dwarf planets and other astronomical objects moving in its orbit.

32-Do you know that if we calculate the total mass of our solar system model, sun holds 99.86% of total mass. The remaining 0.14% mass is contained within the other eight planets.

33-There are other objects then 8 planets in our solar system called; dwarf planets (Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Eris and Makemake), asteroids, moons, the asteroid belt, Kuiper belt and comets.

34-Sun is the center of our solar system and has a tremendous gravitational force which keeps pulling planets and other objects.

Universe Facts

35-Our solar system is located in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. There are billions of other solar systems in our galaxy. And there are billions of galaxies in the universe.

Our universe is so big and wide that only 4% percent of this has been explored yet. These amazing facts about universe always provoking us to think, who is controlling universe, planets movements and activities? How all this happening in a synchronized pattern?

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