12 Best Police Forces in The World That You Will Definitely Appreciate

Let’s checkout some of the best police forces in the world.

A police department is the one who is responsible of keeping peace in your area. Grabbing all the law breakers and fighting against the evil are primary goals of a police department.

Everyone talks about the corruption and brutality of the police forces, but no one praises their abilities and sacrifices, which they made to save our lives. Being a policeman is one of the most dangerous job in the world. Which police force is better in the world right now? we did some detailed analysis here.

There are some parameters a police force can be judged. There could be some stats to speak for some of the more efficient police forces in the world. Some of the parameter to measure the progress of a police force is considering its ability to tackle crime, resources and efficiency, public protection, protecting vulnerable people, implementation of neighborhood policing, lowest expenditure on them, fewest cops per 100,000 population, fewest shots fired by them in a year and fewest people beaten, shot and killed, satisfaction and fairness and local priorities.

Here we have enlisted some of the best police departments in the world upon their progress.

12-The People’s Armed Police Force – China

best china police force

The PAPF consists of the internal security force and various police forces. The border public security, firefighting and security guard forces are also components of the PAPF. The People’s Armed Police Force (PAPF) is charged with the fundamental task of safeguarding national security, maintaining social stability and ensuring that the people live and work in peace and contentment.  Total size of the Chinese police force is between 1.1 to 1.5 million makes it one of the largest police force in the world. The main responsibility of People’s Armed Police Force is to maintain peace and eradicate criminals in the Chinese society. The most common crimes are money laundering, drug trafficking, corruption, human trafficking, fraud, and circulation of fake currencies.

It is estimated that around 1.5 billion people live in china. It is not an easy task to maintain law and order situation among so many people. While stats show that china has been very successful so far to keep and maintain peace and criminal less society. In Crime Index for Country 2015 report china is at 74th position in the world, while United States is at 45th.

One thing that plays a very important role in maintaining the public order is a policy called Grid Management. An area would be divided into many blocks, in every area there would be lot of regular patrol police, surveillance cameras and employees from local committees. The objective is to solve the problem before it happen. Therefore, the society is under constant and tight control all the time, especially in big cities. Chinese government holds a very hawkish stance against crimes.

Crimes like rape, robbery would be severely punished, mostly death sentence. Most shockingly, Acts of Hooliganism were also considered as ‘serious’ crimes, such as senseless trouble making, mass fighting, women humiliating, and other acts that pose a threat to the public order. One of the best police in asia, PAPF is ranked at 12th best police force in the world.

11-CHP – California Highway Patrol – USA

Best Police Forces in The World

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is a law enforcement agency of the U.S. state of California. The CHP is responsible to patrol all over California highways and also acts as the state police.

The California Highway Patrol is the largest state police force in the United States, with more than 11,000 employees, 7,500 of whom are sworn officers. This police force is equipped with the latest fleet of motorcycles, cars and aircrafts.

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After the September 11, 2001 attacks the CHP became responsible for securing and patrolling a number of possible terrorist targets in California State. These sites include government buildings, nuclear power plants and important infrastructure sites. The CHP also uphold a SWAT team on 24‑hour standby to infiltrate any terrorist activity.

10- AFP – Australian Federal Police – Australia

Australian Federal Police (AFP)

Australian Federal Police (AFP) was founded in 1979. AFW is responsible to implement criminal law in Australia and protect national interest in both Australia and overseas. There is a total of 6746 staff in the AFP. This figure does not include state police. Annual budget of AFP is AU$1.8 billion.

In a report leaked by wiki leaks Australian Federal Police was found involved in taking the services of a very infamous hacking company.

Australian Federal Police is very active and playing its role very effectively in maintaining peace in Australia. Currently AFP focusing on below areas.

  • Organized crime
  • Money laundering
  • Illicit drug trafficking
  • Organized people smuggling
  • Serious major fraud against the Government
  • Human Trafficking, including sexual servitude and human exploitation
  • Preventing, countering and investigating terrorism
  • Transnational and multi-jurisdictional crime
  • High Tech Crime involving information technology and communications

9-The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) – United States

  • Police officers: 10,000
  • Employees: 12,616
  • Annual budget: $1.4 billion

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is a police department of Los Angeles city and 3rd largest police department in the United States. LAPD is operational since 1869.  LAPD has the honor to create the first SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team in United States. One of the best city police in the world LAPD, has a very well reputation as law enforcement department in USA. LAPD covers an area around 1,290km2 (498 square miles).

The LAPD has been featured in various novels, television shows and films through history.

8-New Zealand Police

best police force

Formed in 1840 New Zealand Police is responsible of authorizing criminal law, improving public safety, keeping up the order and maintaining the peace all through New Zealand. With a staff of 11,413 employees, police is the largest law enforcement agency in the country. From implementing criminal law to maintaining national security and traffic to commercial vehicle enforcement, Police is responsible of everything.

New Zealand Police officers do not carry firearms during standard patrol. All police officers normally carry pepper spray and batons. The police is equipped with latest tools like teaser and drones to perform their duties more efficiently. We ranked the New Zealand police force at 8th among well trained and good police forces in the world.

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7- Federal Police – Austria

Federal Police – Austria

Austrian federal police was formed in 2005 by merging Gendarmerie (Formal unit of police). Police force Austria is responsible to maintain crimes, local security and border control. With an employee force of approximate 20,000, federal police performing really well. It is Federal police efforts that Austria came at 3rd place in the list of most peaceful countries in the world. Austria police is equipped with all the latest security weapons to overcome any situation.

6-Garda Síochána – Ireland


Ranked at sixth best police force in the world, Garda Síochána, meaning “the Guardian of the Peace”, formed in 1922. More commonly referred to as the Gardaí, “Guardians”, is the police force of Ireland. The Mission of An Garda Síochána is working with Communities to protect and Serve. Some stats of Garda Síochána are given below.

  • Employees          16,328
  • Budget                 €1.426 billion

You will be surprised to know that only 20-25 % of Irish policeman know how to use firearm. Mostly Individual “Gardaí” has been equipped with ASP extendable batons and pepper spray. Despite all this Ireland has very low crime rate than United States.

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5-Icelandic Police – Iceland

Icelandic Police – Iceland

Iceland is considered as the most peaceful country in the world and you will be surprised to know that Iceland police has shot first time in 2013, on a man in the history of this country. The man first injured two police officers with his shotgun. National Police Commissioner instantly apologized to the man’s family publicly.

Icelandic police officers carry only batons and pepper spray while on duty, they are trained in the use of firearms and are issued firearms in some situations.

Icelandic Police formed in 1778 covering an area of 103,000km2. The total population of Iceland is 329,100. One 3rd of its population carries firearms. The crime ratio in Iceland is very low. It is because of the strong welfare system and effectively maintaining law and order situations by Icelandic police.

4-Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Canada

Best Police Forces in The World

RCMP was founded in 1920, is both national and federal police force of Canada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police provides law enforcement not only at federal level but also covers 8 provinces of the Canada. As a Canada’s national police force, RCMP is responsible to enforce federal law in the whole country and maintain law and order situation. The police is equipped with latest tools to reduce crimes. With an amazing track record RCMP is tackling Canada’s crimes very well. Some details of RCMP are given below.

  • Employees          28,640
  • Vehicles               8,677
  • Patrol vessels      5
  • Fixed-wings        32
  • Helicopters         10

3- NYPD – New York City Police Department – USA

best police force in the world

  • Employees: 51,000
  • Annual budget: $4.8 billion

The New York City Police Department – NYPD or NYCPD is officially the New York City Police Department. NYPD was established in 1845 and is the largest municipal police force in the United States. It covers area around 468.9 square miles (1,214 km2) under its jurisdiction. NYPD is responsible to protect population of 8,405,000 people.

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One of the top police in USA, NYPD took number of initiatives has been undertaken implemented. Since their implementation, a dramatic decrease of more than 80% in violent crime and a remarkable improvement in quality of life has resulted. The following initiatives represent some of the more noteworthy and successful programs instituted by the NYPD.

  • The COMPSTAT (Crime Analysis) Process
  • Twelve New Police Strategies
  • Crime Reduction Principles
  • Vehicle Safety Check Points
  • Truancy Sweeps
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Enhanced Intelligence Gathering
  • Suspect Background Identification

NYPD also offer good salary package. Rookie cops paid a base salary of $41,975 per year. It operates nearly 27,000 vehicles. These include 8,839 Police cars, 11 police boats, 8 Helicopters 120 horses, 31 German Shepherds and 3 Bloodhounds Dogs. NYPD is also one of the highly trained police force in the world.

2-The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)

The International Criminal Police Organization also known as INTERPOL is an international organization which helps and facilitate local police departments at international level. Established at 1923 INTERPOL has global membership of 192 countries. Every country is responsible of having its own NCB (National Central Bureau), managed by local law enforcement officers. That’s forms a global network link with INTERPOL, allowing members countries to work together in cross border investigation.

INTERPOL is very useful department and played very important role to capture the criminals who flee from one country to another.

1-Metropolitan Police Service (Scotland Yard Police)- England


One of the best police in Europe, the Metropolitan Police Service (Met) was founded in 1829. The Metropolitan Police Service is responsible for law enforcement in Greater London. Met has a very good track records against criminals. One of the world’s best police force, MET also referred as Scotland Yard is an international renowned police department with a great international track record make it to be ranked as number one best police force around the globe. Metropolitan Police employed 48,661 full-time staff. This included 31,478 on oath police officers, 13,350 non-police personnel, and 3,831 non-sworn police community support officers. This number excludes the 5,479 Special Constables, who work part-time. With annual budget of £4.1 billion makes Metropolitan Police is largest in UK and one of the biggest police department in the world budget wise. Met obtained a fleet of 8000 vehicles used for different operations, including:

  • Area cars
  • Incident response vehicles (IRVs)
  • Traffic units
  • Protected carriers
  • Control units
  • Armoured multi-role vehicles
  • General purpose vehicles
  • Training vehicles
  • Miscellaneous vehicles

Police is there in taking action against corrupt and criminals. There are many corrupt countries where crime rate is too much high and their police is also not doing sufficient measures. Which police do you think is best in the world? Tell us in comments.


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