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The auto-correct functionality in the smartphones is a revolutionary invention, but somehow many of us become victims of this technological advancement. Did you ever screwed up while sending text to someone? Then fear not because you are not alone. Just take a look at this list of hilarious and sometimes embarrassing text message fails. Jimmy Fallon a US comedian asked people to participate in a hasthtag game called #textfail. These embarrassing textfails stories were published on twitter in which people share their experience what auto-correct did with them. People shared their embarrassing, weirdest and funniest stories about text fail. From the woman who unintentionally said he hates migrants instead of migraines to the person who told his boss to die let’s check out some of the most bizarre auto-corrects send by people.

1-Who says “okaysies” to their boss?

Embarrassing text fail

2-That’s an awesome boss!


Embarrassing TextFails

4-Father has a nice sense of humour!

5-Well, that’s a real fail!

6-That’s some funny “shit”

Embarrassing TextFails

7-That’s an understandable mistake!

8-That IDK myth


Embarrassing TextFails

10-Staff motivation


12-Omar.. great name! And congrats!

13-Of course it makes the stress go away!

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14-More of a Trump tweet

15-Mom’s got game



18-It makes it so juicy!

19-Is it really a good idea to tell people online what you trying to buy?

20-iPhone sense a Freudian Slip?

21-If i was your buddy i’d answer you and it’d have been funny!

Embarrassing #TextFails


22-We’d love to know how she treats you at work after that?

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23-I’d drop my phone in holy water if I’d got that!

24-I guess I’m coming out wouldn’t have worked either.

25-Hope those people didn’t read the text properly.

26-Good thing his text fail wasn’t to pick up a “shit”

Embarrassing #TextFails

27-Drew Baggot missed the opportunity to make it equally as awkward by saying I miss that too!


29-Bet you got a call back.

Embarrassing #TextFails

30-Autocorrecting system has a sense of humor

Embarrassing #TextFails

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31-And so now Justin is tweeting this from beyond the grave