Top 10 Dirtiest Jobs in The World

People nowadays seem unhappy with their jobs. Regular complains of being overloaded or having a lower pay scale is heard quite often these days. For those who consider themselves unhappy with their dignified jobs, need to see the real side. There are many odd jobs that pay you very well but here we have classified the disgust factor in the Jobs. These are the type of jobs nobody wants. In this article, after reading about the dirtiest jobs in the world, we bet many of the readers will stop complaining and start thanking God for the blessings they have for not having to work in the following 10 ways:

10-Road Kill Removal Technician

Dirtiest Jobs in The World

While we travel to our workplaces every morning, we often notice dead animals on the road which might have been accidentally shot by a vehicle at night. Well, to remove this carcass, we can’t just rely on the vultures. The smelly, distended dead bodies of animals have to be picked up by a community service worker. This worker is called the road kill collector. The work is to remove the filthy and smelly carcasses every morning and dispose them off properly so that it doesn’t cause any harms to the community’s health. Really messy but a remarkably sacrificing job for the betterment of the community.

9-Orangutan Pee Collector

Dirtiest Jobs in The World
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We might have heard of many corporations working for the protection of endangered species but the work of an orangutan pee collector for the protection of orangutan species is inexplicably disgusting! Orangutans are fond of peeing on open spaces without any consideration of covering their waste up. Therefore, to check on their health status in jungles, pee collectors do their job. They lure them to urinate on them and then collect their urine in special bags. These samples are then tested to keep a check on this endangered specie.

8-Crime Scene Cleaners

dirtiest jobs

When dealing with crime scenes, the work isn’t just confined to the investigation by detectives and police officials. After the investigation, the real work starts and that is the cleaning of the dead bodies, blood, body parts and much more. This worst job is all done by the crime scene cleaners who use protective clothing and in the clammy costumes, they perform their disgusting job. How difficult it is to endure the odor of blood, rotten flesh and much more. They are specially trained on how to deal with toxic waste and the delicate disposal methods of waste too.

7-Bone Grubber

Dirtiest Jobs in The World
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This job is mostly done in the underprivileged areas or underdeveloped areas. These workers have the task to search disposed bones from butchers, junk heaps, and stockyards and offer them to merchants. A portion of the bones would inevitably be made into toothbrush handles, kids’ teething rings and other stuff. The portions of bones that are not made into consumer products are used as raw material in soap industry and fertilizers. Bone grubber’s job just brings that ewww feeling inside anyone who reads this.

6-Medical Waste Cook

Dirtiest Jobs in The World

Normally the word “cook” isn’t considered in any aspect regarding cooking waste. A medicinal waste cook’s employment is to control a wide range of medicinal waste from spreading out. For example, semen, blood, defecation, or teeth are to be gathered from hospitals. They are then placed into sacks and are burned by the medical waste cooks. This causes strong odor and causes disgust as well due to the particular smell of substances like blood when burned.

5-Portable Toilet Cleaners

Dirtiest Jobs in The World

Utilizing a tank and a vacuum wand, portable toilet cleaners must suck up all the waste in the toilet. They have to wash the toilet surface, pick up any leftover used tissue papers and clean the walls as well. To clean any surface that is soiled becomes a difficult task. This is the point at which a high-pressure hose proves to be useful. Ordinarily, cleaning one toilet takes just a couple of minutes, and most specialists clean from 10 to 60 of them a day.One of the dirtiest jobs as you have deal with human waste, smell and other crappy stuff.

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4-Porno Theater Janitor

Dirtiest Jobs in The World

Being a porno theater janitor turns the respect factor totally out of the way. A porno theater janitor work is to clean up the porno theater after every show. Janitor job is to clean carpets and seats of any sticky substances that individuals might have excreted out while watching the show. It could be shit, cum, food, lube, tears, feces, used butt plug, shame, toilet papers, cigarettes- you name it. Indeed one of the dirtiest jobs out there. A porno theater janitor did an AMA over Reddit. Check out what he had said about this creepy and disgusting job.

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3-Forensic Entomologist

Dirtiest Jobs in The World
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This job is related to the work of determining how long it has been since a living being died. This living being may be a human, animal or insect. Primarily, forensic entomologists use their skills for solving complex murder scenes. Especially where the cause of the murder is unknown, their skills come in handy. Their abilities help establish a sequence of events leading up to the unfortunate event. This field requires extensive study and associate great disgust as bloody scenes are not only to be seen but touched as well and treated extensively. Disection of murdered bodies are also part of this job.

2-Sewerage lines Inspector

Dirtiest Jobs in The World

In a metropolitan city, sewerage lines hold great importance with regard to the infrastructure of a city. Any disruption in the sewerage system might cause a huge dilemma for the community. Sewers are hired to regularly check the sewerage lines. Sewerage line Inspectors have to deal with bugs, rats, cockroaches and other various rodents. As awful as it sounds, they are also faced by human waste and are always vulnerable to diseases from bacteria. Although sewer inspectors do wear specially protected suits but to remove the smell from their bodies takes a lot of effort. Indeed one of the dirty job anyone ever have.

1-Septic Tank Repairer

top 10 dirtiest Jobs in the world
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When a town or city is made, septic tanks are installed at regular intervals under the ground to collect human waste. The gross part is fixing the septic tank if it malfunctions. All the waste is loose and the worker gets covered in disgusting substances. A septic repairer’s work includes digging up, entering the tank, removing waste, repairing and finally replacing back the tank. These four steps are full of filth and smell even hard to imagine. It may be a great service to all the house owners but a yuck factor comes along with this job. Indeed the dirtiest job amongst all.