Epic Video of a Tree Removal Shows Exactly Why Lumberjacks are Fearless

Some people¬†think jumping out of airplanes to be one of the primary thrills life provides, but if you ask anyone who’s frightened of heights if they have the same feelings they might probably just call you crazy.

A fear of heights isn’t that unusual nowadays, nor has it ever been, but there are specific jobs which do require someone without that terror, like lumberjacks. For someone that’s never seen a lumberjack will go about getting rid of a tree without the utilization of large machines you’re set for a delicacy here; while from a normal job one man made a decision to keep his GoPro on him to track record everything he considers while he’s getting his job done, and it demonstrates how fearless you need to be to do it.

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Up towards the most notable were in fact the tree is minimal heavy and the slightest air flow can cause a huge sway must be the most terrifying part of this job, but to the guy it’s exactly like some other day. There is no way you’d ever before capture me that high up a tree, safeness harnesses or not, therefore the fact that he is able to take action and multitask chopping it down at exactly the same time is astounding. Would you do it?