Top 10 Biggest Cannons Ever Built in The History

largest cannons Tsar Cannon

Watching the marvellous, agile and accurate shooting devices nowadays like anti-aircraft guns makes us wonder that where the idea did actually grew its roots from and when we study this, all the stems lead towards the roots to one of the greatest inventions of all times, the giant, biggest cannons. Cannons were first pioneered in … Read more

Top 10 Best Shotguns in The World

best shotguns in the world

Whether choosing ammunition for defensive purposes or being just an enthusiast in this field, it’s always difficult to classify the top cream of all the various types of best shotguns out in the market. Shotguns are ranked and classified according to their ranges, size of bullet, barrel length, design, reliability, value for money and various other … Read more

52 Nerve-Wracking Tower Climbers Photos During Work

Being a tower climber is not that easy. It is a very risky and most dangerous job in the world. Climbing on the cell towers without caring about external circumstances is one of the challenging thing to do. Bravo to these awesome tower hands who put their life on risk to provide us hassle free communication. … Read more

29 Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Ironworkers During Work

photos of Ironworkers during work

Being an Ironworker is not that easy. Ironwork is considered as one of the most difficult and dangerous job in the world. Working on the heights, playing with iron is one of the challenging thing to do. But bravo to these awesome Ironworkers who shed their blood, sweat and tears to build amazing structures in the world. Here … Read more

13 Best Women Universities in Pakistan

Top women universities in Pakistan

Women are the most important part of our society. Women’s education has important role in the development of human society. An educated woman means an educated family. According to the article 37 of the constitution of Pakistan, Every woman has fundamental right to get education. However in Pakistan Women have to face social and cultural … Read more

Polish Photographer Takes a Drone to K2, Returns With Stunning Pictures

Polish photographer David Kaszlikowski went on an expedition to film Karakorum region. While shooting of his upcoming documentary K2 Touching The Sky, he captured some of the breathtaking pictures of Baltoro glacier and K2. Baltoro  is considered to be one of the largest glaciers in the world. Kaszlikowski captured some of the jaw dropping images, of the worlds … Read more

Top 20 Most Polluted Cities In The World

From respiratory problems to heart disease, global warming to acid rain, air pollution has a fatal impact on our environment and human health. Can you guess which is the most polluted city in the world? You might answer “Beijing”, but in reality it is half polluted than the city at number one spot. According to … Read more

Top 50 Busiest Airports In The World

Busiest Airports In The World

The list of busiest airports in the world is calculated by number of passengers passing through airports,either as departure,arrival or transit. This list is maintained according to the data provided by Airports Council International (ACI). These world’s busiest airports are ranked according the numbers of passengers traveled in 2015, however list remains less ore more similar in 2016 as well. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport … Read more

Ramadan Fasting Times in 2015: How Long The Ramadan Fast Lasts?

Ramadan Fasting Times

Ramadan is a holy month. It is the month of self analysis, self improvement, soul piousness and a test of your patience. Muslim observe fast in this holy month. It is mandatory for Muslims to keep fast before the dawn of Fajar prayer and take the Suhur meal. One can’t eat or drink the whole day until the … Read more

21 Photos of Classic Cars Vs Their Modern Version

classic vs modern versions of cars

You might be wondering about the evolution of these modern day fast and furious cars. Check it out here 21 photos of latest cars next to their classic version. The automotive industry has been revolutionized since its beginning. The modern day cars are much more advance with tons of features and specs as compared to their … Read more

Top 10 Must Watch Upcoming Movies in 2015

Top Ten Upcoming Movies in 2015

Everyone wants some entertainment in life. Movies are the best source to get entertain and enjoy. Many of you have a huge collection of movies and some are looking for upcoming movies in 2015. We have enlisted top ten most anticipated upcoming movies in 2015. This rating is based on the user’s likeliness, which are … Read more

99 Amazing Facts About Islam That You Should Know

amazing facts about Islam

What is Islam religion? Islam is a complete way of life. It teaches us how to live in a society, on which principles the foundation of a progressive society can be built. If we study all the religions in the world; Islam Is considered being the best religion among all of them. Islam covers a heavy presence globally. … Read more