Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in The World

Dangerous Jobs

What are the most dangerous jobs in the world? There really are several methods to recognize professions that are dangerous. Different methods have been used to identify which jobs are more deadly. One method is count the number of fatalities during work. Mostly these deadliest jobs are outdoor jobs where workers have to perform his/her … Read more

Top 10 Supermax Prisons in The World

Supermax Prisons

Each one of us knows what a prison is used for: to lock up the lawbreakers and offenders. Unfortunately, some peace offenders and law breakers won’t give up on their brutal and negative activities even after being locked up. They will use every possible way to get their escape from prison and continue their peace … Read more

Top 10 Dirtiest Jobs in The World

dirtiest jobs

People nowadays seem unhappy with their jobs. Regular complains of being overloaded or having a lower pay scale is heard quite often these days. For those who consider themselves unhappy with their dignified jobs, need to see the real side. There are many odd jobs that pay you very well but here we have classified … Read more

Top 10 Most Racist Countries in The World

Most Racist Countries in The World

Which are the most racist countries in the world? Since the start of mankind, we have seen us, humans, complain against the huge difficulties humanity have faced or is going to face. What we don’t realize is that we are creating all these troubles from within ourselves. From the acute shortage of water that the … Read more

Top 10 Worst Diseases in The World

Worst Diseases in The World

In the industrially and economically growing world, it’s quite evident that we are becoming more and more vulnerable to various different diseases. There are some worst diseases with no cure, while some has it’s medication but the death tolls are still high because of their severity. These diseases are noticeably much more dangerous that require … Read more

Top 10 Greatest Freedom Fighters Throughout History

Greatest Freedom Fighters

People have always had to deal with the problem of some people being oppressed due to various social circumstances. Such oppression and cruel behavior on the part of humans raises a lot of questions in our minds. Are they really “humans” who try to destroy humanity? In such cases, some righteous and courageous people fight … Read more

10 Best Innovative Products of 2016

Most Innovative Products of 2016

Humans have been in the process of innovating and improvising new products day by day. However, some products, particularly top the lists due to the diligence of their designers and innovators. Researchers work in various different fields of innovation ranging from personal use to even national security and bringing these innovative products ideas into reality. … Read more

10 Most Evil Popes in History

evil popes

Popes are referred to as the head of the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome. Popes are referred to as the head of the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome. Pope Francis is the chief head of the Christian population all over the world. The system of popes exists primarily to lead and … Read more

Top 10 Most Poisonous Snakes in The World

Most Poisonous Snakes

Reptiles in nature, snakes are one of the most fearsome creatures that continue to haunt the human population. A long reptile making its way silently, dragging itself on the ground while making a hissing sound is one of the worst nightmares for any individual. What makes a snake so deadly is its venom that it … Read more

10 Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors Around the World

Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream has been one of the most renowned delicacies in human history. Starting its way from homemade ice cream, it eventually made its way into a world of new and interesting flavors with the evolution of modern machinery. It is made from several different ingredients including the dairy milk, sucrose syrup, cream and many … Read more

Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Islam

Misconceptions About Islam

Considering the modern world, with the increased trend of diversity between religions being accepted, unfortunately Islam is being portrayed as a religion of extremists, cruel and a religion of militants. The occasions of 9/11 changed everything. After that day, many minds converged to the idea of Islam being something much more evil and suspicious. However, … Read more

Top 10 Most Toxic Substances on Earth

Toxic Substances on Earth

The material that causes death or severe illness when used, inhaled, eaten or touched in small amounts for just a small period of time are termed as the most toxic substances. How do we classify most hazardous substances? We can differentiate these fatal substances acute toxicity by a term called LD50. While LD50 is the amount … Read more

10 Most Mysterious Adolf Hitler Death Stories

Who was Adolf Hitler? Nazi pioneer and one of the most evil genius person ‘Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)’ was a standout amongst the most effective and notorious dictator of the twentieth century. Adolf Hitler death has been one of the most controversial topics in the present world. After World War I, he rose to control the … Read more

Top 10 Richest Terrorist Organizations In The World

Richest Terrorist Organizations

The word terrorism, whenever described, is usually characterized as being cruel, boorish, and endlessly rash. Terrorism is a very complex game of smart tactics used for the wrong purposes. A significant part of the quality of terrorist associations lies in the monetary independence that these organizations gain gradually for acts of violence and abhorrence and … Read more

Top 10 Odd Jobs That Pay Amazingly Well

odd jobs

Defining the problem: In the ‘talent’ saturated world out there, unemployment is one of the most heard terms from any individual specifically from the tongues of the young and energetic, striving in the market, having extensive education and talent but still crave for the usual and respectable jobs of doctors engineers etc. After not getting … Read more