Women Ironworkers Will Get Six Months Of Paid Maternity Leave

The regular membership of the 130,000-strong Ironworkers union can be an overwhelmingly male community, but about 2,100 women members just won an advantage that might be valued by working women in the United States: Half a year of paid maternity leave. As being one of the most dangerous job being an Ironwoman is full of … Read more

Video: 9 Months of Pregnancy Happen in Just 4 Minutes

This 4 minutes videos shows how a child arrived in the world, from beginning to birth. This clip present a 3D-visualization of the growth of an embryo in the mother’s womb. It is surely very interesting for both men and women to watch. In previous years human;s can only dreamed of such visuals but these … Read more

This Test Will Determine the Accuracy of Your Eyesight in One Minute

In our normal life we often needs to estimate the size of objects and measure the distance by naked eye. InfotainWorld inviting you to take a test that will check the accuracy of your eyesight. Note: You must try to do it quickly without counting dots. In this way the eye test result will be more precise. Let’s … Read more

These Glow In The Dark Bicycle Paths That Are Charged By The Sun

Bicycle is one of the most eco friendly invention. It is the best thing to improve your health and fitness without damaging your environment. As bicycles do not use any engine or battery so cycling in the dark is not possible. But people around the world are testing and implementing different techniques to light up … Read more

23 Blooming Flower Cakes To Celebrate The Return Of Spring

Spring is here now, and it not only appears good but likes amazing as well! To demonstrate this, pastry chefs from everywhere have gathered online to talk about their food artwork by means of blooming flower cakes! The cakes come in several colors, varieties, and sizes, but what they actually have in common are these … Read more

23 Reasons Why Anna Kendrick Is The Funniest Person On Twitter

Hollywood celebrities are always presented in larger than life roles. Common people mostly think that they are not actually people, but another class entirely. They used to live in large houses, fly around the world in private jets, and they rarely socialize with the masses. It is always great when a High profile celebrity shows … Read more

Meet Aurora, The Most Beautiful and Fluffiest Princess Cat Ever

aurora fluffy cat

Have you ever seen the most beautiful and fluffiest princess cat ever? Meet Aurora, a new sleeping beauty in the town. Cats are beautiful and lovely but Aurora takes it to the next level. She is definitely the most beautiful princess cat on blogosphere. The Blue Bicolor Ragdoll is famous on internet with her personal … Read more